Up To Date With Revival In October 2018

Pickering Highlights

Pickering Highlights

How did we get here?  No sooner were we catching our breath after Goodwood Revival, our busiest time of year, we began preparing for Pickering war weekend another major event on our calender.  This popular annual event took place last weekend 12-14 Oct.  It was great to see so many of you dressed in your 1940s finery.  We love it when you come by our stall to say hello, it was great to welcome some familiar faces but also some new members of our little Revival community.

Last year the weather was fabulous, this year we were not so lucky.  Wet and windy is putting it midly, there were several times over the weekend when I thought our entire Marquee was going to take off with us inside it!  Thankfully the kind owners of the Black swan where we were situated helped secure our temporary shop with several heavy barrels.

It was still a great weekend, hope you all enjoyed it.  We are not on the road again now until next April for the York festival of vintage.  We like to have a break from events over winter so that we can concentrate on other aspects of our business, for me that mostly involves listing the back log of great vintage items I have to add to the website.  Lets take a look at a few things I have managed to get on there so far.

Womens Vintage New In October

Proud to say I have some amazing true vintage dresses at the moment.  We have invested a lot over the last couple of months to bring you some real beauties.  We sold several at Pickering and we hope our customers are already getting pleasure from them.  Here is a small selection from the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  I have lots more that I will be photographing and adding to the site over the coming weeks.  Some are in need of repairs, cleaning etc so bear with us while we present them as best we can.

1930s Vintage Dresses

 Vintage Dresses

 Vintage Dresses 2

1950s Vintage Dresses

Vintage Dresses 3

I do have lots of other new stock but will concentrate on the dresses for the next few weeks.  Infact today I am also expecting deliveries from two of our retro suppliers so they will be my first priority.  The deliveries will include vintage inspired dresses, knitwear and blouses.  I have decided not to include swing pants on the website anymore.  They are so long in the leg that we get a disproportionate number of returns so it's just not worth it.  I have been selling them off at a reduced price at our events this year.  

Vintage New In October For The Fellas

Where do I start?  As you can see from our Pickering stall above we have bought a lot of Military uniforms which is a first really for us.  Not an area we wish to specialise in but we were presented with an opportunity to buy a lot in one go so decided to go for it.  We will be putting some prime pieces onto the site but it is a timely process so for now they can only be viewed through a showroom visit.  Don't forget to call first if you want to take a look.

Other than that all things tweed appears to be the order of the day.  We have lots of great, quality tweed jackets, breeches and waistcoats.

Few of many tweed jackets new in this month

Harris Tweed Jackets

Our uni placement student Elizabeth is writing a BLOG on Harris tweed which we will be publishing very soon so keep an eye out for that, she would love a bit of feedback.

Vintage Breeches

Look at this particular pair of CC41 grey riding breeches.  Amazing.

Grey Riding Breeches

Coming soon....

Before I go I would also like to let you know about our new winter weight spearpoint collar (or spearmint collar as one cute customer called them) shirts made from a soft cotton flannel fabric in two great shades of subtle green & red as you can see from the fabric samples below.  The collars include a small tab and button which draw the collars in the same way as a collar bar.  They should be here within the next two or three weeks along with top ups of our usual shirt selection.

Flannel Shirt

Looking ahead to November we will be concentrating on Christmas promotions, gift ideas etc.  But let's not think about that just yet!

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