Ethics Statement

We are a small team that caters to a similarly small fashion niche, which means we do look to a wide range of suppliers to source our products.

Our first choice is always to buy from the UK and companies local to us here in Yorkshire. We work with a company down the road from us to produce our trousers braces, and source all of our premium knitwear from high-quality, Scottish heritage brands.

Our shirts and collars are our biggest seller and we have most of these manufactured in Turkey.

We also rely on the expertise of a trusted partner in China to produce some of our garments, whom we have worked with for many years.

We carry out due diligence on all our suppliers and strive to cater to the vintage enthusiast at a price point that promises long-lasting, quality garments while still being relatively accessible, given the cost of manufacturing clothes that compliment the very specific 1940s and 50s aesthetic.

Furthermore, we have moved towards biodegradable or recyclable packaging where possible in our own line of products. As a business, we diligently reuse and recycle packaging as much as possible. We also structure our orders placed with our manufacturers so as to have minimal impact on the environment, choosing to have goods shipped to us in bulk via land or sea as much as possible rather than small orders sent by air.