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Enhance your clothing selection with quality, authentic pieces from Revival Vintage.

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  • Bring Revival to your area

    Our clothing and accessories are loved all over the world. We receive regular appeals for our clothing to be more accessible throughout the UK and overseas. Many customers still enjoy the tactile experience of trying and buying from bricks and mortar store fronts. Take advantage of these emerging markets and be the first to offer Revival in your area.

  • Rewarding marketing opportunities

    We have a first class reputation for creating period accurate replicas. Our attire is showcased in major film and television projects, attracting midcentury aficionados and individuals who appreciate fashionable and functional clothing alike. This allows our wholesale customers to utilise beneficial marketing content.

  • First class customer service

    You can be assured of timely, helpful customer service. We're only a phone call or email away if you have any problems, and we use reliable global couriers to provide fast shipping no matter where you are based.

  • Tap into our experience

    Take advantage of our 20-plus years of experience gleaned from selling true vintage clothing. Since introducing our reproduction range, our customer base has grown exponentially. We can help you expand and freshen your range with new offerings each year.