How we size your vintage clothing

All of our clothing is measured in inches first and foremost. Please consult the description box at the bottom of the page for detailed measurements. All measurements referring to the body, like chest, waist, etc. will generally be allowing for a small of amount of ease, while measurements like length will not.

Our body shape and proportions have evolved slightly over the years, therefore the size labels in our original vintage garments (if present) may differ from the sizes Revival declare. This is because we measure each garment carefully and size it as accurately as we can by modern-day UK standards.

Will it fit?

We recommend taking a similar garment from your current wardrobe that fits you well and, using the methods we have set out below, measure it and then compare it to the item that has caught your eye on our website.

How we size and measure your vintage clothes

Revival Measurements - Dresses


The bust measurement is the circumference taken around the fullest bust line.
We usually measure the front from armhole to armhole and then double it, allowing enough ease for the bust cups where necessary.

The waist measurement is taken from the narrowest part of the waist whereas our hip measurement is from the fullest part.

Entire length is from the back neck or the highest shoulder point down to the dress hemline.

Revival Measurements - Menswear

Tops, jackets and coats

The bust or chest is measured by taking the width of the garment and doubling it. For example if a shirt measured 22 inch across it would be a 44 inch chest.

If the item has a sleeve it would be measured shoulder to cuff or sleeve hem.
Garment length would be from the back neck or shoulder to the hem.


The waist is measured by taking the width of the waistband and doubling it, so if the waistband width was 16 inch they would have a 32 inch waist.

The length measurement is taken using the inside leg.

Important note

If you are measuring yourself you will need to allow a bit of ‘ease’ for comfort when comparing to a garment measurement.

Revival Measurements - Hats


  1. Take a fabric measure tape.
  2. Place around your head so that it's just above the ears and positioned mid-forehead.
  3. Make a note of your measurement in centimetres or inches.
  4. Find which size you should get by looking at the measurements in the description of the hat you'd like.

The dimensions for an individual garment are included under 'Measurements' on each listing, in the bottom description box.