Up To Date With Revival In November 2018

Strictly Between Us

Well, folks, a lot has happened since I wrote to you in early Oct.  I have had a birthday a week in the sun and a couple of our dresses appeared on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.  So all good apart from getting another year older!


Admittedly not the best picture, a screenshot from the show,  but we were as proud as punch.

Vintage Delights New Stock For Our Lovely Lasses

I am still wading through the shed load of stock we bought in August.  So far I have managed to add some vintage dresses to the site, a selection of coats and some new vintage accessories.  This week our uni placement Elizabeth is having a bash at adding some vintage blouses to the site.  On the 24th of this month, I am out buying again with a view to sourcing some more great vintage knitwear.  We did well with the knits last year and are getting a bit low on Fairisles and other popular heritage styles.  So all go as usual.

As you are probably aware we generally sell clothing from the 1930s through to 1970s with a small smattering of 80s.  Here is a selection of newly listed from the 40s, 50s and 60s.






I love to photograph our accessories such as these vintage bags and hats around the garden.  It gives me a chance to get out in it and appreciate the beauty of my plants and flowers, even at this time of year.

Vintage Bags

Vintage Hats


Retro Revival

  1. 1.
    imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past.
    "retro fashions"
    in period style, periodnostalgicevocative, of yesteryear, olde worlde
    datedold-fashionedbackwards-looking, retrogressive, out of datepassé
    "a retro restaurant with a Fifties-style lunch counter"

As well as our great originals we have received some super retro stock from some of our favourite suppliers.  The latest influx includes some Autumn Winter dresses and knitted tops which look super with our tweed pencil skirts.

Retro Dresses

New inNew In Dresses


New In Knitwear


Vintage Delights New In For Our Fantastic Fellas

This month has been the one for tweed.  I have added some super heritage wool jackets.  Also wool trousers and waistcoats aplenty. 

More unusual for us we have had some menswear that has been more Antique than vintage.  Namely frock coats and similar.

Vintage Coats 

We have just received some top-ups of our regular vintage style shirts and are expecting our new winter weight spearpoints any day now. UPDATE they are now here & live on the website.  We love them, they look great & feel so soft & cozy.

Aspen Shirt

We are also developing a range of our own label tweed waistcoats.  We are working with a small local factory who hand make them from Yorkshire cloth which we have provided them with.  Here are our first samples.



The Season To Be Jolly

With Christmas creeping up on us the next few weeks will be used to concentrate on party wear and Christmas gift ideas.  My job for this afternoon is to create Christmas sections on the site.  I find the guys in our family the most difficult to buy for, especially my husband!  Perhaps we can give you some ideas if you have the same dilemma.  We are due another delivery of retro cufflinks, trouser braces and hats.  Also a large number of original ties, cravats and scarves.  Possibilities to ponder.  If all else fails we do still offer our gift vouchers from £10.

Keep warm & have a momentous month as we count down to Crimbo.

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