Up To Date With Revival In December 2018

Festive Up To Date With Revival

My monthly BLOG comes to you a little earlier this time for obvious reasons. 

Hope your all Christmas plans are going well.  

Quite a lot of new stock has reached our website this month.  Managed to buy some more vintage knits, most of which are pure wool so much warmer than some of the modern yarns.

Women's Knits

I always think Fairisles and Alpine patterns make a great alternative to the festive sweaters which have been popular over recent years because unlike pictures of elves and reindeers they aren't just for Christmas but still have that holiday season feel.  Sorry, I don't have any with light up noses.

Find men's vintage knits here.

Men's Knits

Revival Vintage bring you A Kaleidoscope Of Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

Revival Vintage Gift Ideas For Men

We have tried our best to bring you lots of ideas for vintage-inspired Christmas gifts.   Among the recent items, we have added new styles of our popular trouser braces which are of course made in Huddersfield.  This may not mean much to most but seeing how we live in this great Yorkshire town it gives us pleasure to support another local business.


They have also produced our new range of plaid tweed waistcoats.  They are too nice to cover with a jacket.  With only 6 of each style of our first batch, they really are unique and far from mass produced.


As well as the above we have been adding original cravats in some super patterns from recognisable names such as Sammy and Tootal.   Amongst other things we also topped up our pure wool Fedoras and caps plus our popular retro cufflinks.

Revival Vintage Gift Ideas For Women

I think us girls are so much easier to buy for but just in case you still need a few pointers. we have a new style of retro frame bag which comes in some great party shades.  Over the last couple of days I have been adding more original hats and bags plus some great original clothing.  Better than getting your gift inspiration from these old ads!  Not the way to please this lady that's for sure!


Vintage Advert 

 Party Like It's The Forties

Since I first became self-employed 16 years ago one of the things I do miss is the office party.  Mark and I would look a bit sad sitting in a function room with party hats on pulling a solitary cracker.  More than anything I miss picking out a new party dress.  This year we have some real crackers, particularly from our improved range of true vintage1940s and 50s evening dresses.


If you haven't already visited our showroom in yes 'Huddersfield', this is our quietest time of year in terms of visitors.  As reenactment events make way for Christmas markets and Victorian themes.  You are very welcome to have a look around our stock.  We have some lovely jewellery and other bits and pieces we don't include on the site.  We can't promise mulled wine but we can assure you of a warm smile.  Just give us a tinkle to book in a time to be sure of our full attention.

All that remains is to wish you all the best Christmas ever.  Hope you have a happy and healthy festive season.  The next time I write will be 2019!!   

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