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Christmas Gifts Under £30

Its that time of year again, some love it, some hate it, but either way we are all faced with the present buying panic. This made even trickier sometimes when you are buying for a vintage lover. So many eras to choose from! So many styles! Patterns! Colours! It can all be a wee bit intimidating, so you end up getting them the obvious slightly dinted tin of biscuits and a giftset of body wash miniatures, that you know full well will be banished to the bottom of the bathroom draw.  Well for your aid, and enjoyment here are present ideas for under £30 for both gents and ladies! Mixed in prices but connected by colour, they are easy to mix and match and the perfect stocking fillers or gifts for your loved ones, and they will hopefully be more appreciated than the selection mix of biscuits.

Mens Gift Ideas

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We have a huge range of men’s accessories, ranging from true vintage to reproduction. Braces are fab vintage style gifts to give, you can either get true or reproduction one in a wide range of colours and styles, as well as fastenings. Leather loop braces for vintage trousers with buttons, and the metal fasteners that can be worn on any trousers. Cufflinks, tie clips and pins are also fab gifts, small and thoughtful, and can reflect the man in your life’s interests. We have a good range of retro style cufflinks in varying formats, planes, motorbikes, even campervans! Or if you preferred we have beautiful true vintage sets, in original boxes/cases, a one of and very thoughtful gift indeed. For something more practical than decorative, check out our range of vintage style men’s hats, in many colours and styles, with a few true vintage in there too! A great way to finish off a outfit and make it feel authentic, as well as having a lovely warm head thanks to them being 100% wool.

Womens Gift Ideas

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What do you buy a vintage loving gal at Christmas? Knitwear of course! We have a wide range of Nordic knits in varying colours; I mean who can say no to a Christmas cardi? Something lovely and warm to snuggle up in and easy to pair with skirts as well as modern jeans, I think it’s an ideal gift. Go see more on our range of vintage ladies knitwear. Looking for something a bit saucier, then we have our new range of vintage styled lingerie, girdles, suspenders, and knickers all coming in at under £30. To go with these look at our range of hosiery, vintage style stocking and tights to finish off your look!  Another great gift idea is a vintage scarf, so versatile, can be used in the hair, as an accessory, or tied to a plain bag as a splash of colour. Depending on your budget they can be bought in simple synthetics, to more luxurious silks and linens, but either way each is unique with its pattern and style. 

Vintage is a great way of giving unique and one off gifts that can delight the recipient and make them feel so special, and our range of reproduction means you can get the vintage styling without the dread that it will be out of stock! We hope this helps and inspires you in your quest to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones, and stops you manically running round Boots looking for a suitable gift set on Christmas eve. If in need of any information or help don't hesitate in getting in touch.

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