An Original 1950s Dress In All Seasons

How To Wear An Original 1950s Dress In All Seasons With Layers & Tweaks

This original 1950s true vintage dress by Carnegie began life with an over-sized white bow across the front which threaded into a bound buttonhole either side of the bodice.
It was a little grubby looking and too contrasty for my liking if there is such a word! I make them up as I go along!
Just before I photographed it I made a decision to unpick the sad-looking bow, replacing it with two coordinating buttons.

A simple change can make all the difference.
I have set it aside just in case the next owner wants to put it back.
We all have different tastes after all.

Helene in 50s Dress

Extending Wear By Adding A Layer

At this time of year, I am looking for ways I can extend the wearability of my cotton dresses.
A simple addition to a sleeveless dress is a vintage blouse.
I think the ones that fasten high on the neckline look best.   Mine has an embroidered Peter Pan collar.
This particular original 1950's dress lends itself well because it has a wide square neckline which gives the ensemble a pinafore look.
Opaque tights and lace-up granny boots replace my sandals which again takes the outfit from Summer to Autumn.
I top it off with an original 1940's bolero style cardigan.  This one is embellished which adds another layer of texture which again we associate more with a colder climate.

If you have any ideas of making the most of your vintage wardrobe or simple tweaks that make all the difference then I would love to hear from you.

Find this and other vintage dresses on our website just crying out for a bit of creativity.

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