Styling A Vintage Winter Wardrobe

Winter Outfit Helene 1

Styling A Vintage Winter Wardrobe With Helene

The cold weather has never stopped me from wearing vintage dresses and separates.  Instead of cotton prints, I opt for jersey, tweed and soft knits to form my winter wardrobe staples.  I love a two-piece like this 1970s knitted skirt and top which we sold recently.

Winter Outfit Helene 2

 Mix It Up A Bit 

I am not a reenactor so I have always been happy to mix my decades or add modern pieces.  I appreciate that isn't for everyone but my love for vintage came from a fashion perspective rather than a nostalgic one.  I actually love all fashion but adore the individuality and quality that comes from wearing vintage clothing and accessories. Winter high street fashions can be quite samey compared to the unique styling of vintage pieces.

Here are some of my more recent Autumn Winter looks.  Wool dresses can be worn on there own to show their full beauty but when the cold really bites I wear them with my long boots, vintage-style cardigans and retro jumpers under or over.  I even like to wear 1960s day gloves because although not as warm as wool or leather I can actually function in them with their snug fit and stretch.  I can hardly bend my fingers in my leather gloves but I can near enough pick up a pin in my vintage ones as they are like a second skin.

Winter Outfit Helene 3

I love to add texture and interest to my outfits by using good leather vintage handbags, I am also a big fan of tapestry., patterned scarves & folk shawls berets & wool hats are also firm favourites.  I find a heavy wool skirt with winter weight tights far warmer than a pair of jeans any day.

If you can't find the perfect vintage coat there are plenty of reproductions.  Most of my coats are vintage but the check wool coat pictured is from Mango.

Winter Outfit Helene 4

If you can find the lighter weight soft velvet or jersey jackets popular in the 1960s and 70s they make a great alternative to a cardigan.  They are not restrictive the same as heavier wool & tweeds, again you can actually move your arms freely in them.  

Winter Outfit Helene 5

We have featured vintage knitwear in other BLOGS but I have to give it another mention because it really is the best.  Yesterday I wore a knee-length pure wool Nordic cardigan & I didn't need a coat it was so cosy.

 Check out our range of reproduction vintage dresses for the cooler months, which funnily enough are often in check.  I am wearing a new style coming soon, the others are all available to wear now.  They are so easy to throw on & look presentable for work or leisure. 

Winter Outfit Helene 6

Our very own Socialite Beau Belle has three quatre sleeves and fully lined so another great choice.  I still find it hard to pick my favourite colour combo. 

Socialite Dresses

Winter Outfit Helene 7

So when the season for vintage events slows down don't ditch your vintage it can look great whatever the weather.  

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