Complete Your Look 1970s

Complete Your Look 1970s is a style guide to help you create an authentic 70s look. The guide features tips on fashion as well as step by step hair and make up tutorials. This invaluable how-to guide will certainly help you create a genuine 70's Abba look!

This vintage seventies guide is one in a series of decade style guides on our blog. We highlight at fashion, accessories, make up and hair from the 1940s, 1950s & 1960s - all the way up to this particular 1970s one.

So let's begin with popular clothing styles from the seventies and give you the low down of what you should be wearing to achieve this look, including tutorials on both hair and make-up.

Midi & Maxi Dresses
Midi and Maxi dresses were key fashion pieces of the 1970s most associated with the boho and hippie period. Gone were the days of mini-dresses, it was now all about long flowing dresses that oozed glamour of the old Hollywood era. Since the 1970s, maxi dresses have come back into fashion and are worn constantly during the hot, summer months. We often have true vintage 1970s maxi dresses in our online store that we know you’ll just love!

1970s Vintage Dresses

Gypsy Skirts
Gypsy skirts now replaced the iconic mini-skirt of the 60s. They were usually paired with a peasant blouse for a hippie/boho look. Gypsy skirts are gorgeous to wear both in the summer with sandals or with knee high boots in those chilly months.

Vintage 1970s Skirts

1970s Colours
Colours in the 1970s were very earthy, therefore tones such as coppers, forest greens, browns, oranges, beiges and rust colours were very much in fashion. Here are a few pieces we have chosen from our own range that you can pair together for a great colour combo!

1970s Colours

The handbags of the 1970s really complemented the earthy tones of the clothing. They mainly also came in browns, oranges and beiges which is still a current trend. We have picked out a few of our own selection of 1970s handbags that we are loving right now!

1970s Vintage Bags


Sunglasses in the 1970s usually had large frames which covered the majority of the face... again still another current trend. We have a huge selection of retro sunglasses on our online store from all decades. Take a peek and see if there are any that you fancy. Here are a few we have picked out in the 70s style.

1970s Retro Sunglasses

We don’t stock shoes at the moment, but here are a few pairs for some inspiration as to what you might pick up at vintage fairs, or perhaps even repro pairs you could pick up on the high-street!

1970s Style Shoes


Hairstyles ranged from slick and straight, to a wedge bowl-like cut, to bouncy flicked out curls known as ‘The Farrah’ in honour of Farrah Fawcett who famously rocked this style.

Take a peek at this 1970s hair tutorial to see how you can achieve an authentic 1970s hairstyle.

Makeup in the 1970s was a dramatic change from the 1960s. No longer were fake eyelashes and deep lip colours used, but pale colours were now all in for a much more natural look.

Pale foundations with light coverage and pale lips were very much the thing, apart from the eyes which were often brightly coloured in blue, green or purple eyeshadows. Sometimes, nude and copper tones were used also, which complemented the earthy colours of outfits that were frequently worn.

Here is a great 1970s makeup tutorial to help you achieve an authentic seventies look.

We hope you have enjoyed our style guides over the past couple of weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for brand new blogs that will be heading your way very soon!

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