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Our Top To Toe Guide To Help You Achieve A 1960s Look

1960s Teens

Whether you are attending an event such as Goodwood Revival or just love sixties fashion, Here we give you all of the information you need for a top to toe authentic appearance.

Some of the most memorable events of the 20th Century first arrived in the 1960s, such as the first man on the moon. Young people could express their newfound freedom through fashion. Inspired by new faces such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, girls aspired to leanness, youthfulness and pallor. Boys mimicked the Beatles with their long floppy hair and idiosyncratic clothing. A multitude of funky fashions pushed the boundaries along with the mind-expanding drugs that triggered some of them.

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Womens 1960s Fashion

Trio Of Revival 1960s Dresses

Fashion was geared towards the interests of the younger generation. Long hemlines were replaced by miniskirts, pastel prints were now bright and florals had a bold psychedelic stylization. Known as the ‘mod’ look, the 1960s certainly created a huge change within the fashion industry.

1960s Designer Basics

Mary Quant most famously designed the ‘mini’, the most iconic look of the decade. The hemline rose higher and higher as the years went on and by 1966, most rose to the upper-thigh. You just cannot do the sixties without a mini shift dress.  Revival vintage usually has several vintage mini dresses for sale online. As with all our true vintage, it varies at any one time what we have. Below are examples available at the time of writing.

Mens 1960s Fashion

1960s Young Couple

"One week he's in polka dots, the next he's in stripes" sang The Kinks.  The most dedicated followers of men's fashion were the Modernists in their sharp Italian suits and pointed Winkle Picker shoes. "We hope to stay smart forever, not shoddy like our parents," a London mod told the Sunday Times in 1964.  American college styles were also popular with tight jeans and Polo shirts.  The Revival Club and Beaumont penny round style collar shirts have a higher than average collar stand so are ideal to use with other 60s style clothing.

Sixties Footwear 

1960s Style Footwear For Women

In the early 1960s, shoes still bore 1950s features such as sharp toes, stiletto heels.  As the teenage look clothing became more mainstream women's shoes also became more girlish. Mary Jane straps, rounded toes and flat or square heels became fashionable. The focus on comfort was also a backlash to feet imprisoned in tight shoe designs and uncomfortable high heels. Developments in plastics technology in the 1960s led to the production of affordable footwear in every shape and colour.

Boots were an indispensable accessory for both men and women. When Andy Warhol met Mick Jagger in 1963, he admired his boots from a dancewear shop.  At first, guys had to resort to dancewear shops or theatrical suppliers for their boots. Within no time they had the Chelsea boot with elastic side panels. The Beatles also popularized this style of 60s boot - consequently they were nick-named Beat or Mersey boots.

Sixties Hat Styles

1960s Style Hats

Wigs and teased hair led to high domed hat shapes which could be slipped over a bouffant hairstyle.  They were made from a whole variety of materials including bombs of fake flowers.  The bucket shape reflected the geometric clothing designs which were also popular.  Soft helmet shapes were worn by Scooter girls some of which had attached scarves to hold them in place during a Scooter trip.   Jackie Kennedy popularized the pillbox shape hat which looked smart coordinating with her little Channel suits.

Men's hat styles also had a number of influences. The likes of Bob Dylan and John Lennon started a trend for Fisherman style caps.  Older man hats such as the classic Fedora were paired with suits designed by the likes of Jeff Banks.

Sixties Handbags

Vintage Sixties Handbag Collection

Shoulder bags that had been popular in the 1940s due to their practicalities with workwear and uniforms made a come back in the 60s.  As women embraced the trouser suit, hot pants and straight short dresses they had a more casual feel to them than the prim frame bags. In 1965 Vogue advised 'Totalization', ie matchy-matchy accessories.  For example, polka dot hats, shoes and bag.  You will always find a selection of sixties bags or purses among our vintage handbag collection.

Again the development of plastics led to an explosion of highly coloured handbags in unusual shapes and styles.  Chain metal designs reflected the space travel fashion trends spearheaded by designs such as Paco Rabanne.

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Sixties Cosmetics

The make-up of the 1960s was there to make a statement. The doll-like look was another sixties aspect again attributed to model Twiggy. Her pale skin complexion, white eyeliner, black kohl pencil to the upper lids and heavy fake eyelashes have become iconic.

1960s Makeup Ideas

Sixties Hairstyles

The hair of the 1960s was styled in a variety of lengths. These ranged from natural long and straight to a short, curled under bob or pixie crop. Perhaps the most iconic hairdo of the 60’s was the beehive. Take a look at this 60s hair tutorial to see how you can achieve the most famous ‘do of the decade!

Click on this link to view some of the best men's sixties hairstyles.

So now you know how to get your groove on and create the complete look for the 1960s.

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60s Floral Designed by Freepik

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