Complete Your Look 1950s

Fan Of Fifties Fashion? 

If you are a fan of fitted tops, nipped-in waists and full skirts then this is the era for you. We have all the information you need to create an accurate authentic fifties appearance from head to toe.

Before you consider vintage accessories you will need to choose your 1950s clothing.  We have a good selection of 1950s original and reproduction vintage dresses to choose from.  Here are some examples from our current range:

1950s Original Vintage Dresses

50s Vintage Dresses

1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses

50s Style Dresses

When you are selecting 1950s women's clothing you might prefer a pin-up girl look, a Rockabilly style, a wholesome American sweetheart look, or even a Hollywood icon outfit. There are several distinct styles within the decade, I like to take a bit of inspiration from them all. Once you have your outfit sorted you can think about coordinating accessories.

1950s Style Full Petticoats

Petticoats can be added to fifties dresses and skirts with full enough skirts to accommodate them. I prefer my 1950s dresses without them but they are popular.

1950s Style Catseye Sunglasses

The shape of 50s sun specs reflected the lines of American cars of the same decade. Winged styles became the choice of the day for all ages prescription and sunshades alike. So that's the shape to go for to complete your 50s look.

Catseye frames are our favourite so you will always find a good selection of 1950s style sunglasses on our website. 

50s Sunglasses

1950s Vintage Handbags 

The classic frame and Kelly style bags were still popular so an ideal accessory for your outfit, there are day and evening examples available.  Alternatively, you could opt for unusual novelty designs, sometimes homemade from everyday items such as cigar boxes.  With the advent of more foreign travel, holiday rattan baskets and Tiki styles were also favoured.  Here is a small collection from our stock at the time of writing.

Selection of Revival 1950s vintage handbags.

1950’s Style Footwear

Thankfully there are plenty of companies specialising in fifties-style shoes and sandals as a lot of the original 50s stilettos can be damaged at the heels and winkle picker fronts.

If you are walking around a vintage fair all day or you love to dance you will also be pleased to learn that these include plenty of flat-heeled styles such as saddle shoes, pumps and low granny peep-toe sandals.  Here is a page from a fifties clothing catalogue for inspiration.

1950s Hairstyle Ideas

There are many pictures and tutorials available for guidance plus plenty of great bloggers who specialise in vintage hairstyles on Instagram and YouTube.  Here are a few ideas.  The good news is the styles tend to be less structured than 1940s rolls and when all else fails a high ponytail will do or a flower clip added to a short style.

1950s Make Up Ideas

Like-wise with iconic fifties makeup, there are lots of super tutorials for you to follow.  

I'm not suggesting you use this one from 1951 by makeup artist Ern Westmore demonstrating the secrets of 1950's cosmetics.  It's so unbelievable it will get you hooked. 

On the eyes, little eyeshadow was used, however, heavily defining eyeliner was added with little flicks in the corners, once again like the American vehicles.

Lipstick was usually pink and peachy-cream rouge was a favourite for the cheeks.

There are some fabulous vintage 1950s events up and down the country to show off your complete head to toe 1950s look.

If you get yourself to dance classes, you can enjoy showing off your moves as well as your fabulous clothes and accessories.

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Just fascinating!! I used to watch my mom do her makeup, a lot of basic rules are the same. Of course products have changed.

Maldonado Sherri February 16, 2024

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