Laundry Day

Our own solution to vintage washing woes! Formulated with a mild natural scent and anti-bacterial properties, Revival's Laundry Day is a gentle detergent you can use to care for all your most treasured clothing pieces, including delicates and pure wool.

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Why choose Laundry Day?

  • Convenient and mess-free - our sheets are pre-measured and ready to use.
  • Gentle on delicate fabrics - ingredients that clean effectively without causing damage or fading.
  • Travel ready - perfect to slip into a suitcase.
  • Environmentally friendly - eco-friendly and biodegradable with recyclable card packaging.
  • Hand or machine wash - even in luke warm water our sheets will disperse easily and work effectively.
  • Tackles musty smells - as lovers of vintage clothing we're no strangers to that "left in the wardrobe" funk. The antibacterial properties of our sheets make them ideal for refreshing your vintage finds.
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