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Over the years we have come up with some ingenious ways to wash vintage clothing. Growing up there has been many a day my daughters have gone to take a shower & been confronted with a row of dresses drip drying. More recently it got me to thinking how great it would be to develop a laundry product with vintage and clothing in mind. So that's exactly what we have done!

Introducing our new Laundry Day range of washing sheets and scent boosters, suitable for true vintage and modern reproduction clothing. With natural card packaging, our design features illustrations of some of our signature styles with blue and white Revival branding.
Revival Laundry Day Detergent Sheets & Fragrance Boosters

Revival Laundry Day Detergent Sheets

As well as the cleaning agents you would expect, our Laundry Day detergent sheets have added anti-bacterial properties. The subtle fragrance is natural, we named it Flower Press.

If you have never experimented with laundry detergent sheets before, trust us they are a game changer. This is what you are going to love about them:

1. Convenient & Mess-Free
Unlike liquid or powder detergents, laundry detergent sheets are pre-measured and ready to use. Simply toss a sheet into the washing machine, and you're good to go. No more messy spills or measuring cups to deal with.

2. Gentle On Delicate Fabrics
Vintage clothing often features delicate fabrics that require special care. Laundry detergent sheets are formulated with gentle ingredients that effectively clean without causing damage or fading. They help preserve the integrity and colour of vintage garments, ensuring they last for years to come.

3. Space-Saving & Travel-Friendly
For vintage clothing enthusiasts who are always on the go, laundry detergent sheets are a must. These thin, compact sheets take up minimal space, making them perfect for travel or small living spaces. Say goodbye to bulky detergent bottles and hello to hassle-free laundry on the road.

4. Environmentally Friendly
Laundry detergent sheets are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They come in recyclable card packaging, reducing plastic waste. They work really well at cool load temps so you don't end up with a sticky clump when using cooler cycles. By choosing detergent sheets, you are caring for your vintage clothing without the chemical or environmental footprint.

5. Ideal For Hand Washing
The single dose convenience and swift dissolve make them ideal for hand washing. Even in lukewarm water they will disperse easily. They are safe to leave soaking garments in for long periods. I leave all my household cleaning cloths to soak this way once a week.

How To Use Laundry Detergent SheetsHow To Use Laundry Detergent Sheets For Vintage Clothing

1. Sort Your Vintage Garments
Separate your vintage clothing by colour and fabric type. This will help prevent colour bleeding and ensure the best care for each garment. Then add them to the washing machine.

2. Place The Detergent Sheet In The Washing Machine
Drop a laundry detergent sheet on top of your vintage clothing. The sheet will dissolve during the wash cycle, releasing the cleaning agents.

3. Wash On A Gentle Cycle
Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle with cool water. This will minimise any potential damage to your vintage garments. For really delicate vintage pieces, consider using a laundry bag to protect them from any potential damage during the washing process.

4. Leave To Air Dry Or Use A Low-Heat Setting
After the wash cycle is complete, remove your vintage clothing from the machine. To preserve their shape and prevent shrinkage, air dry on a thick padded hanger or lay flat.

Hand Wash With Revival Laundry Day Detergent Sheets5. Hand Wash
Fill a bowl with clean tepid water. Add a detergent sheet and allow to dissolve. Dunk your vintage garment slowly until it is completely immersed. Leave to soak for at least an hour. Rinse thoroughly until all detergent appears to have left the garment. Dry in the same way as machine washed garments.

The sheets have a pleasant smell in their pack but they transfer minimal scent to the washed clothing. No residue left on your clothes means no headache-inducing synthetic smells or skin irritation. Our research showed that for many a natural very subtle or no after fragrance is a bonus but if you prefer a more intense smell that lingers in your wardrobe then we recommend adding a scent booster.

Revival Laundry Day Fragrance Booster

Scent boosters are designed to enhance the freshness and fragrance of your vintage clothing. These small, powerful beads are infused with delightful scents that can revive even the oldest of garments.

They are made with advanced technology that allows them to release their fragrance slowly over time. When added to your laundry, these tiny beads dissolve and penetrate deep into the fabric fibres, leaving a long-lasting perfume that can withstand the test of time.

Revival Laundry Day Fragrance Boosters release a natural flower press fragrance. Just add a handful to your wash for long lasting results. They are not limited to just true vintage garments. Here are some other creative ways to enjoy their benefits:

Ways To Use Scent Boosters- Take a little drawstring chiffon bag and add a handful of beads. This homemade pomander can be hung from clothing, popped in a drawer, vehicle or gym bag.  

- Create a relaxing atmosphere by adding scent boosters to a bowl of warm water and letting the fragrance fill the room.

A new venture for Revival when it comes to vintage clothing. We hope the launch of our effective, easy-to-use products will be well received. With these products, our aim is to help customers bring their vintage pieces back to life and make them even more special. If successful we hope to expand the range with a variety of scents.

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