Winning Looks For Goodwood Revival

Let Revival Find You Some Winning Looks For This Years' Goodwood Revival

By midsummer there are a whole variety of Nostalgia events up and down the country celebrating our bygone years. The majority are focused around 1940s wartime memories or 1950s Rockabilly get togethers such as hot-rod and music festivals. The great thing about Goodwood Revival in mid September is that it celebrates car racing and the related fashions from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. If you are planning to go for the full weekend you can wear a decade a day if you really want to.

We love to help our customers find unique vintage outfits to reflect the clothing from all three of those decades. Throughout the mid to late summer we share outfit suggestions in the form of flat lays and look books. Here we draw together some of those ideas. Whether it’s your first time visiting the Goodwood motor circuit near Chichester or whether you are a regular visitor who wishes to elevate your look enough to be spotted for the annual best dressed competition we hope they will provide some great inspiration.

Guys, Let’s Go 1940s Vintage

Revival men let's go 1940s

Let's face it UK weather is unpredictable all year round but September can be very extreme, cool Autumn winds or glorious sunshine. This Gadabout linen suit ticks all the boxes for changeable climes. The pieces keep out the chills but are lightweight enough for the jacket to be easily carried. The shirt and braces add an element of colour and could easily be exchanged for others to give this versatile suit a new look for a different day. For a more formal look add a shirt and tie or a cravat tucked inside the open collar.

Gals Let’s Go 1940s Vintage

Revival 1940s styling for women

There are many options to get the look of 1940s womens fashion ranging from understated day and workwear garments an example of which we have highlighted here to far more glamorous outfits based around the popular movie stars & pinups of the decade. You will spot the full spectrum at Goodwood Revival that's for sure. Our Lumber Jill dress comes in two great colour choices & is named after the girls who stepped in to fill the boots of the Lumberjacks to help the WW2 war effort.

Guys Let’s Go 1950s Vintage

Revivaaaal Guys Let's Go 1950s

Light layers are a great way to dress as the cooler nights draw in.  This particular 1950s style tank top is lighter weight than most. It is short in the body to reveal the high waist peg style trousers which were also popular during the 50s decade. They come in blue like the original pair we replicated or this dark olive shade. The shirt we have paired it with is a collarless style for a more relaxed appearance. Top off the look with a Fedora or trilby hat.

Gals Let’s Go 1950s Vintage

Revival Gals Let's Go 1950s

We have some great replica vintage clothing however if you want to guarantee you won't bump into another visitor wearing the same dress you have to opt for true vintage. This particular one is an original 1950s cotton day dress. No two are the same but it is sheer luck at any one time what we have available in your favourite styles and size.

Guys Let’s Go 1960s Vintage

Revival Guys Let's Go 1960s

We do not have a vast amount of 1960s clothing for men but if you fancy something a little more down beat this might suit you perfectly. The vintage style jeans fit high on the waist and suit a deep turnup at the hem. The knitted polo has an eye catching geo design and the bag is real vintage. A useful accessory for your weekend essentials, it's a fair old trek to the carparks!

Gals Let’s Go 1960s Vintage

Revival style 1960s for Goodwood Revival

Who doesn't love a good pinafore? We have chosen an original sixties one here to style with coordinating accessories from the same era. It can be used to create a preppy youthful outfit as illustrated by adding gogo boots and a baker boy cap you will give it a Mod scooter girl update. If the weather hots up this particular dress can be worn without the contrasting top.

If you would like more detailed information about accessories, makeup and hair we have more in depth blogs relating to those topics for each decade. Regular visitors to Goodwood Revival will be familiar with the best dressed competition. We have had a few winners over the years, we always enjoy hearing about your own Goodwood experience so don’t forget to share your pictures and insights with us. If you tag us on your Instagram posts there’s a good chance you will be selected for one of our monthly RAFTA awards giving you the opportunity to win a £100 gift certificate.

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