Why I Love Vintage

Today's blog post is all about why our customers LOVE vintage.

Rail of Clothes

We posted on our Facebook page asking for you to tell us why you love vintage, whether it's vintage jumpers, dresses, t-shirts, trousers, furniture, or just vintage as a whole!

Here is what you had to say.

Georgia May Williams

Georgia May

I love vintage because I know that if I sing or turn up at a party - I am wearing something that nobody else will have on!

Vintage is unique and allows me to express my individuality!

Bethany Woodcock

Bethany Woodcock

I love vintage as it is unique and good quality. I'm not so keen on fast fashion and the clothing produced today as it is often breaks quickly and worn by everyone. Vintage clothing has stood the test of time and wearing second hand is much better for the environment!

Dianne Bowles

Dianne Bowles

I love vintage as the clothes are usually better made, more feminine and there as so many different individual styles.

Lin Campbell

Lin Campbell

I love vintage as it has history. There is always a story to it even if you don't know it and often better made unique and original.

And of course, Revival owner, Helene Fallows

Helene Fallows

For me this question is easy to answer & I must condense my thoughts or I will end up with a book!

Vintage is unique, it allows for greater expression and creativity. I'm not just buying a garment I am buying a well crafted piece of art with genuine historical value. It fires my imagination picturing previous owners and when and where they might have worn it.

It stirs up memories of my mum describing the beautiful clothes that my grandma made for her to go to the Mecca dances.

For all these reasons & more I never tire of my vintage pieces like I do my modern clothing. I don't just love vintage I live vintage.

Why do you love vintage? Leave in the comments below - we love to hear from you!

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