Vintage Shopping In Budapest

We are just back from a mini break in Budapest Hungary.

It was a gift from me to my husband for his birthday with the ulterria motive that it would allow me to check out the city's renowned vintage scene.  I booked our apartment which was roomy and clean in the heart of a lively area of bars and restaurants.  A decision I would later come to regret....anyway.

We had never been to Budapest before and my research revealed there were at least 6 or 7 to find.  Turns out that was an under estimate.

Budapest Trip Day One

We only had two full days so day one was reserved for some serious sight seeing. The weather was mild and we enjoyed admiring some of the city's stunning architecture such as the beautiful parliament buildings pictured below.

Budapest 2

Our best views came from a long cable car ride from one of the city's highest points.  We got there by the children's railway, an odd concept I know and yes it is actually run and managed by children. Ticket sales, conductors, drivers alike all kiddies skipping their studies since the 1940s to keep this novelty railway in operation.

Budapest 3

It wasn't the clearest of days, regardless the views from the cable car were incredible.

Budapest 4

Budapest Day Two

We woke up to dreadful weather, heavy rain and fierce winds.  I had a list of the vintage stores with addresses but had hoped for a leisurely walk between them, not too worried if we took a wrong turn.  Sadly the elements spoilt any chance of a gentle stroll, it was a toll just to walk in a straight line.  Thankfully we had packed warm coats as we were aware the weather could be changeable, sound familiar?

We managed to find most of them but I have to say some of the pleasure was lost.  The heavy rain and blowing gale didn't ease all day.  If you get chance to go and wish to check them out, here is my list of vintage shops which is a mix of places we stumbled across or were on my original list.

1  Ludovika - Rumbach Sebestyén

2  Retrock - Anker koz 2

This was probably my favourite in terms of layout & easy shopping experience.

Budapest 5

3  Humana - Kiaroly Krt 8

This is a humanitarian charity organisation similar to Oxfam.  The prices were very similar to our charity shops but I didn't see a lot of the type of vintage I usually buy.

4  Anti-factory - 1065 Magyarország, Paulay Ede u 56 a small vintage boutique.

5/6  Szputnyik - Dohány u 20 has a mix of vintage and new, they have a second store on - Kiraly Utca 22 which is larger.

7  Dressing Room - Sip u 24

8  Vintage Shop - Praáter Street 9

9  Omama Antik - Frankel Leó Utca 7

Budapest 6

10 Love Bug Vintage - Magrit krt 62

Bought this cute Shetland Wool Fairisle cardigan from one of them, similar to others we have in women's knitwear.


Budapest 7

I wrote a blog on this type of knitwear, it's fascinating how they achieve the curved Fairisle patterns - The Beauty of Fairisle.

I didn't make them all mostly due to the extreme weather but it's a good excuse to go backs some time, although maybe in a different apartment.  I mentioned it before, in a great location if you like all night Kareoke bars, so loud that they may as well have been sitting on your bed.

Overall an interesting city with some great buildings and bridges and certainly a good range of vintage stores for it's size including some traditional Hungarian pieces.

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