Timeless Vintage Men's Hairstyles

Timeless Vintage Men’s Hairstyles

Sometimes you just fancy a change. We’ve all been there, you’ve had the same hairstyle for quite some time and it’s just not doing it anymore. Well you’re in luck! I’m here to help you get it right for a nice fresh new look.

1. Slicked Back.

A classic 40s style, slicked back hair is characterised as long hair pulled or ‘slicked’ towards the back of the head on both the top, back and sides of the head. It is often worn under a fedora along with a smart outfit.

To achieve this hairstyle, ensure you grow you hair to about 3-3 1/2 inches long. After washing and conditioning, use a pomade or Brylcreeme. It can help to leave your hair slightly damp after drying as it helps the product to coat your hair evenly. Once you have worked this product into your hair, use a thin toothed comb to pull your hair towards the back of your head. Do this until it is all pulled back and straight.

man with slicked hair

Rajcsányi Ferenc

2. Combed Over

The Comb Over, again is well suited to the 40s style of dress. It is very similar to the slicked back style I have just mentioned but includes a parting on the side of one’s head.

To achieve this look again after washing, conditioning and drying; apply your product.  This time instead of combing backward immediately, work in your parting first. To do this, place your comb upon the line in your head where you’d like the parting to be. Start by combing the hair on the top of your head diagonally towards the back of your head. For example if your parting is on the left, comb to the back and to the right and vice versa. You can comb straight over instead if you wish, but you won’t get any volume in your hair. Once you have moved this hair to roughly the correct spot, then go to the bottom half of the parting and comb diagonally and downward toward the nape of your neck. Now you have your parting sorted take the time to neaten up the rest of your comb over and make sure it’s all sitting well.

comb over hair

3. The Pompadour  

Now we move on into the 1950s with the pompadour. This look is synonymous with the classic rebel, its been reworked countless times by everyone from British Teddy Boys to the American Greasers. Even James Dean had one. So how do we achieve this hairstyle?

Once again we start by washing and drying our hair. Work your pomade thoroughly into your hair. Next, add a parting to your hair as though you were going for the comb over discussed in the last point. Once you’ve achieved this use long tooth comb to flick the fringe and parting upward and backward. This should help you achieve the required volume and should be finished by using your regular thin toothed comb to tidy up any stray hairs.

guy madison pompadour

4. The National Service Cut.

Those whom served in the armed forces during the 1950s will be familiar with this as the cut that the government gifted to the national serviceman. It can be described as shaving the back and sides of the head. Whatever would fit under your beret you could keep. The servicemen would use Brylcreeme to style what they had left as best they could. There’s a reason the RAF are known as ‘the Brylcreeme Boys’...

This cut is remarkably simple. First, ask your barber to cut the back and sides of your hair very short, a blade one or two. If you want it to look a little neater, ask your barber for a mid fade to make the transition from short on the bottom to long on the top less sheer.  Once this is accomplished, simply slick back the hair on the top with Brylcreeme and you’re finished.

war time hair cut

5. The Caeser Cut/Mod Cut

The last style on this list is definitely the oldest. Roman Emperor Tiberius Caeser is thought to have been the most famous man to rock this hairstyle and it’s even featured on several busts of Tiberius, dating back to the first century.

This haircut is different to others on the list as it doesn’t require any product. Ask your barber for a classic Caeser cut or a Mod cut. This is characterised by the short nature of the cut with back and side while retaining a little bit of length on the top. This cut is very easily maintained and can be good for those who don’t like spending hours on their hair.

beatles mod hair

So there you have it. If you are looking for a new hairstyle then look no further. I hope that this blog post has helped you pick out that distinctive look your after. Feel tag us in photos of your hair by tagging @revivalvintageuk on Instagram.

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