Vintage Clothing - Is The Real Deal Always The Best Deal?

Vintage Clothing - is the Real Deal Always the Best Deal?

Nothing can come close to finding a genuine vintage article that not only looks amazing but is in great condition and fits like a glove. Sadly for some who like the vintage look that could be a once in a blue moon occurrence especially for those who simply don't have the time to source it and are equally so busy they just want to throw their clothes in the wash without fear of colour run or seams perishing.

With that in mind let's examine the pros and cons of true vintage and vintage-inspired and why we think it's OK to mix it up a bit.


True Vintage

 The Benefits Of True Vintage

You are buying a little piece of history and generally speaking every item is unique. 

You will never experience the horror of turning up to an event wearing the same outfit at someone else even if you do look better in it!

Genuine vintage can be an investment if looked after if anything it will gain value rather than lose it.

You can be confident you have the true authentic look of the decade.

The workmanship of older pieces is usually to a high standard with additional styling and seams which flatter the figure.

The quality of the materials used is often better with less pilling, snagging etc.

Let's face it true vintage just has a unique charm that is difficult to emulate.

Recycling vintage fashion is kinder to the planet in so many ways.  See our blog on the downside of fast fashion.

The Negative Aspects To Buying True Vintage

Sizing can be a real issue, love the dress but not the size, right? Our body shape has changed over the years and sneaky clothing brands have crept up their size dimensions to con us all.  To illustrate I have vintage dresses labelled UK 16 that measure like a current size UK 10.

Older items are getting harder to find in perfect condition. Some people do not mind flaws but who wants a sandy shoulder pad or seams that rip open in the middle of a jive.

Laundering can be timely when all we want to do is pop our things in the wash with similar colours. I have spoilt vintage by taking that chance only to end up with a colour run or twisted shrunken clothing that might fit a Barbie doll.

Some older fabrics can be scratchy and uncomfortable as they don't have the addition of elastane and other comfort boosters.

Rare items are getting unaffordable for some.


Reproduction Vintage

The Benefits Of Buying Vintage Inspired Clothing

Retro clothing is manufactured with today's sizes and lifestyles in mind.

Most vintage-inspired fabrics are dye fast and easy to launder.

Reduces the disappointment when something doesn't fit you can try another size.

Less risk when ordering online, especially when buying a gift.  A lot of pre-sixties clothing was made to measure, to measure who? we sometimes wonder I guess like today there were all shapes & sizes to cater for but it can make sizing tricky.

Takes a bit less effort.  Like any high street store, pieces are put together in a way that suggests a look including accessories etc.

The Down Side To Buying Vintage Style Clothing

There is the chance you could bump into someone who has made the same outfit choice.

Harder to look quirky and unique with retro.

Less satisfying, can feel like the easy option (but then why not? life is kinda short)

A little bit of what you fancy

When I started Revival Vintage in 2002 my shop and website was true vintage only.  As the years have passed more and more people have embraced the vintage look. Predominantly the 1940s 1950s styles which reflect the number of organised Nostalgia events up and down the country. In response, we have introduced and since expanded a range of vintage-inspired reproduction items to cater for all lifestyles and body shapes.  We have developed our own range of Revival products such as vintage style shirts, retro tank tops and trousers.  More recently our Socialite selection offers high spec replicas of original vintage items all made from original vintage patterns.  These include forties look dresses for women and suits, shirts and braces for men.

We also like to buy British where ever we can, for example, the men's retro trouser braces we sell are designed by us and handmade down the road here in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

Reproduction Accessories

We would not want to lose the character that selling original vintage that makes Revival unique but we have had to grow and evolve along with our customers.  

We enjoy selling to purists and dabblers alike but we also have no objection to mixers - vintage lovers who enjoy both.  I know I am one of those.  


The only item of vintage I am wearing here is an original 1970s jacket and yet my finished look reflects the 1940s. Have fun experimenting.

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