Five Vintage Staples Every Man Needs For Spring


Spring is nearly upon us, even though it doesn't exactly feel like it. Nevertheless, we need to be prepared and at Revival Vintage, we are very generous with our fashion style tips. Let us share with you our spring essentials to make any man's vintage wardrobe complete for a flawless fashion season. Fellas, this one is for you!

1. Tweed Jackets and Blazers


We couldn’t kick off this post without including the tweed blazer. The tweed blazer is the ultimate vintage staple that simply never gets old. Thinking forward to Spring, the single-breasted blazer makes for a trendier choice but don’t be afraid to opt for the double-breasted blazers for a more classic look. Packed with versatility, any of our tweed blazers can be paired with your favourite pair of jeans for the casual every day or some tailored trousers for your evening antics. A vital piece for enriching your outfit with very little effort.

The possibilities for layering different textures are endless when it comes to tweed blazers. On warmer days, a crisp linen shirt would match perfectly where as a wool jumper would be another good look for those colder days - why not go for all 3? Take your pick!

Pssst, if tweed isn’t your thing, we have some gorgeous velvet blazers for that extra bit of elegance. Try our 1960s Brown Velvet Blazer with a clean white shirt and some tweed tailored trousers if you’re not feeling the tweed on top!

2. Shirts


It may be a bit obvious but in all honesty, who survives piecing their outfits together without a shirt? Not anyone I know! We’ve included a bit of a mix to make any outfit shine. You’ll most likely see a shirt underneath a jumper or blazer but when the warmer days start to hit us (hopefully soon!), they can make the perfect company to don over a t-shirt or to tuck into your favourite pair of jeans.

We love the patterned designs to offer a bit of chic to your outfit – pair our Van Heusen Leaf Shirt with tailored black trousers and a pair of loafers for an effortless head-turning outfit. Of course, if this isn’t the best for the day’s weather, our Claret Check Flannel with your favourite pair of jeans will do just the job for you!

3. Coats


You can never be too sure with the British weather so we had to include a coat for another wardrobe staple! It is guaranteed you will need some form of coat to keep the British weather from taking over you with that annual flu, even in the warmer months.

Take our 1960s Camel Covert – the camel coloured wool and cashmere blend offers a gorgeous texture to play with when layering up your outfit underneath and there’s no doubt it will keep you just that right temperature during spring too!

4. Silk Scarves


Unusual to some, accessories can be a crucial staple to your vintage wardrobe. Although not an essential, here at Revival Vintage, we consider accessories vital to giving your outfit that ‘finished’ look. After a good deliberation, we deemed our scarves to be a very good choice to have as one of your wardrobe essentials. Although you wouldn't want to wear a scarf with some of the shirts suggested earlier an aviator scarf can make a plain outfit look like you’ve stepped straight from the vintage street style scene. Try our 1960s Octagon Vintage Scarf for that mod aviator touch, not to mention the high quality finish.

5. Sunglasses


Maybe we’re a bit too early but we can’t help it, we’re itching for that warmer weather! We have a range of flattering shapes and simplistic designs inspired from the 1940s,50s and 60s styles all of which will add a touch of class, no matter what the shape your face is.

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