Up To Date With Revival In May 2019

After a couple of chilly weeks, I am sitting here in my office with the sun streaming through the window.  One of the first days since the freak hot spell we had in April that we haven't had our heating on.  Let's hope there is a lot more of this to come as we enter our main phase of vintage events and fairs up and down the country.  A bit of sunshine makes all the difference, doesn't it?

New Vintage Stock For Guys

Mark has introduced you to our new styles of Revival label vintage-inspired shirts in his weekly newsletter.  For those of you who have missed them, here is a quick summary.

1930s 40s Look Shirt - Style 1

The Beaumont Collar named after the area we live in.  It has a deeper collar stand than our previous club style collar and close meet round penny round collar.  We have this in the two stripe options as shown here.  Also pure white.  They all have our stitched front yoke detail.  

Beaumont Collar Shirt

Vintage Inspired Shirt - Style 2

We present you two new stripes of our spearpoint collar shirts.  The high gauge cotton they are made from is our finest quality yet giving the shirt a soft almost satin feel.  We have also topped up our popular white to ensure we have all sizes available for summer forties events.

Spearpoint Shirts

Revival Vintage Label Shirt - Style 3

Finally, we now have a green stripe version of our collarless shirts.  We opted for a contrast white collar to give it a fresh new appearance.  They allow for a less formal look especially during the warmer months when a suit and tie can be a little overdressed.  As with most of the Revival label shirts you can opt for with or without gold stud top button.

Collarless Shirts


True Vintage Mens Suits

We were getting very low on 1940's style suits, thankfully I have managed to source some in most sizes.  I added them to the site last week.  Mostly double breasted ideal for forties events.  Complete the look with a spearpoint collar shirt, swing tie and brogues.  For more 1940s style suit styling tips we have a couple of BLOGS that might help.

Our University placement Cian has also compiled a tailor's size guide.  He works part-time at Hackett in Leeds so he is knowledgeable when it comes to recognising a good fit.

Vintage Suits
Revival Vintage Suits

Over To You

This Month's Customer Model Stars are Kevin and Zac

Kevin here has made a good job of putting together this smart look.  He wears his pinstripe double-breasted suit with one of our spearpoint collar shirts and collar bars.  He has a diamond pattern tie, then tops off his look with a black Fedora.  Thanks for stopping by to see us at the York festival of vintage.

Kevin Vintage Outfit


Zac bought his suit from us recently.  Doesn't he look great?  He has teamed it with a white shirt and a bold paisley tie.  Why not share your style ideas with us?  You know how I love those piccies.

Zac Vintage Outfit

New Vintage Stock For The Gals

Vintage Style Dresses

Since I last wrote we have received a batch of new vintage-inspired dresses. 

The first I have featured here is this floral 1940s style asymmetrical peplum dress.

Peplum Dress

Second up is a 1950s look sleeveless day dress.

Sleeveless Day Dress

These and all our other vintage style dresses can be viewed on our website.

True Vintage Accessories

Last month I gave you a preview of our latest true vintage hats and bags.  Most are on the site now with another round of photography in my garden pencilled in for tomorrow.  I did manage to sell a few at the York festival of vintage but there are still plenty to go at.

Vintage Accessories

At this time of year we are topping up our retro sunglasses as well as bringing in a few new and replacement styles.  Hope you like them.  Here is a small selection.  I have others still to list but am hoping to complete before the week is out.

Retro Sunglasses

Retro Sunglasses

It's All About Me

Some of you may have spotted I have started to share my work outfits with you.  The purpose is to show vintage pieces incorporated into every day wear ie not just reserved for Nostalgia events.  I have always enjoyed mixing vintage in with my modern clothing to create looks that are a bit less off the peg.  I think it stems partly from the fear of arriving somewhere to find someone wearing the same outfit, worse still looking better in it!!

It goes against my grain to look at myself on Instagram and Facebook, never taken a selfie in my life, but I do realise social media drives modern business and I have to keep up with the times.  Thought I just might inspire women, especially within my age group erm... 40s 50s 60s who would like to wear more vintage pieces.  I find people say lovely things about my clothing when I am out & about but we sell very little of the type of things I wear. I figure it can be hard sometimes to visualise things flat on a page so this is me putting life into them, filter-free, wrinkles n all!

So now Mark has the extra job of taking a few snaps of me setting out to work a couple of mornings a week..  We are fortunate enough to be able to walk to our unit as it's only 5 minutes away.

Helene in Vintage Clothing


This weekend we are trading at Haworth 1940s weekend in the main lower park area.  We will have a green & white stripe marquee if you would like to come and say hello.  The following weekend we are at Bolton street station for the Lancashire railways event.  Hope we all have good weather.  Have a great month wherever your passion for vintage takes you.

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