Six Steps To Dress Like Your Favourite Fashion Icons

You’ll probably know the feeling. You see one of your favourite fashion Icons dressed from head to foot in the perfect outfit. The shoes, the shirt and even the scarf is exactly right. You want that look but... you don’t have that bank balance. But there’s no need to feel blue! As there’s always a way to replicate that outfit, at a fraction of the cost.

Step One - Identify The Look

If there’s a certain look you want to go for, start by analysing the outfit. Often the simplest of things make the difference between hitting the mark and missing the point all together. For example, when it comes to the 60s detail is crucial. The difference between a two button jacket and a three button jacket may seem small, but can have many implications on the overall fit and look of your outfit. If you pay attention to the small things when looking for the correct item then you will find the bigger things will look after themselves.

Step Two - Don’t Be Afraid Of Second Hand Shops

Sometimes when you’re on a tight budget, you can’t avoid looking in second-hand shops. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve stumbled upon an absolute gem when simply browsing a second hand shop.  Although I can’t guarantee you’ll find everything you’re looking for in one trip around your local charity shop, you may be surprised on the type of thing you come across when just looking around.

Step Three - Online Auctions

The same principle applies to online auctions as does charity shopping. Although a large amount of the items you find might not fit the exact specifications you’re looking for, you might just find something you’re looking for and at a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for an off the peg item, it’s highly likely you’ll find it on eBay for a half the price of the new item.

Step Four - High Street Imitations

Jacket Comparison

Although it may not be exactly the same material or quality, high street alternates are a cost effective way of getting that look. The same logic can be applied to any item of clothing you would like to wear. Although they may not have the brand label of your Icon, they still do the job and do wonders for the wallet.

Step Five - Home Modifications

Generally, its simply impossible to find the exact same item as your Idol, especially if it has been made for the artist and not off the peg. However, it’s possible to make an item look as near to the original as possible with a few simple modifications. There are hundreds of videos online on how to make simple modifications from the removal or addition of buttons all the way to the harder jobs like tailoring and adjustments. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you might want to grab your needle and thread and attempt some of these mods.

Step Six - Be Patient

Sometimes, good things are worth waiting for. It’s possible that everything you need will fall into your lap as soon as you look however it’s highly unlikely. Play the waiting game and keep your eyes peeled as what you are looking for may come along when you least expect it.

Now you have everything you need to get the look. If you follow my advice and take your time I’m sure you’ll do very well.

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