Up To Date With Revival In April 2019

Spring is in the Air

This is one of my favourite times of the year for several reasons:

The days are lighter for longer and the worst of the winter is behind us.  All our garden bulbs and beautiful Magnolia tree are out in the garden which makes the view from my kitchen window a whole lot nicer.  As a business, we are still fairly quiet so it gives us the opportunity to go on our main buying trip & pick some fabulous new stock for the months ahead.  The first cluster of vintage events is starting up so we are fresh and raring to go with those.  Oh and finally there's a lot of chocolate around and I'm a big fan of that too.

In particular, in this newsletter, I need to tell you about the large collection of stunning original vintage hats and handbags I have invested in to bring you a choice so dreamy you will want to re-think your entire vintage wardrobe.

This is a very small collection so bear with me while I get them all on our website.  Next month I will share some information and pictures of other womenswear I have found.  Another way to keep up to date is to follow me on Facebook or Instagram where I try to add a new picture or two every day.  A lot of the latest stock will be going to the festival of vintage with me on the 27th-28th in York this month if you want 1st dibs.

The Head Gear

April Hats 1April Hats 2

And The Arm Candy

April Bags 1April Bags 2

Swing Into Action

Finding good genuine vintage menswear is not easy but we have managed to buy another range of 1940s American swing ties which are good statement accessory to add to a reproduction suit or shirt to give it an instant authenticity upgrade.

Continuing with that theme we have some new versions of our own vintage-inspired shirts and some great notchback trousers to introduce to you.

Our spanking new shirt style is the Beaumont which has a deeper collar than our popular club collar shirt.  Mark debuts a cedar brown stripe version, we also have a blue stripe with plain white on the way.  Other alternatives for our existing styles include a green stripe collarless shirt plus alternative stripe spearpoints.

Mark Grey Trousers

Mark also wears a pair of our new notchback trousers.  

The trousers are newly cloned like Dolly the sheep from a pair of original forties trousers we owned.  We start small with three fabric choices and hope to build from there if they prove popular.   they are still less expensive than most of our competitors despite being pure wool and excellent quality.

Mark Brown Trousers

I mentioned in my last bulletin that I was contemplating a website badge & possible section for vintage items that have flaws,  Items that still have beauty but require a mend or two or a wearer who embraces the imperfections as a reflection of their age and history.  Hence 'make do and mend' here is my badge design.  It would be too mammoth a task to add the badge retrospectively so you will see it gradually appear alongside our prime items in all departments of the site as and when I add suitable things.

Mend & Make Do

This dress is a beauty except the back zip has been replaced rather badly.  This is the kind of botch job you might see with a make do and mend badge.  It's also one of my vintage buying bugbears.  Read more of my top five frustrations from the 16 years or so I have been buying and selling vintage here.

Last but certainly not least is a picture of Victoria with her friend Jo.  Victoria bought this striking green 1960s mac to complete her Goodwood Revival outfit last year.  She sent it to me this week when we were communicating over another item she bought.  I enjoy the variety and creativity Goodwood sparks.  Don't get me wrong I love the 40s events but then it's refreshing to see fabulous ensembles like these from different decades.

Customer and Friend

Hope you will enjoy browsing our new things over the coming months.  Hope to see some of you at York, next up after that is Howarth 1940s weekend 18-19th of May.

Have a super duper month, don't over do it with the easter eggs.  Helene X




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