Four Ways To Wear A Blazer

Life is full of difficult choices. Left or right, green or black, chips or salad (Which isn’t difficult at all)! In any case, day to day there are few choices more difficult than deciding what to wear with a vintage blazer. The decision you make could send you out to the world in either a blaze of glory or simply a forgetful flicker. I know which I’d choose and after reading this post, you should too!


Most people would think a vintage waistcoat is slightly too dressy to be worn casually, but not if you follow a few simple rules. Firstly, remember it might be a good idea to wear a different colour or pattern to the blazer in question. Why not pair a blue blazer with a grey waistcoat? So long as the colours you wear match there is no reason why you can’t pull it off well.



Although the weather is a bit warmer, it’s worth remembering this next tip for when the winter next rolls in or on windier days. A vintage jumper worn over a shirt and tie subtlety adds another layer of colour to the outfit without being outrageously obvious. It is a good idea to wear a very similar colour to the blazer and one that matches the shirt and tie worn. There are plenty of materials, knits and thicknesses to pick from too, but try and pick simple patterns for simple blazer and visa versa.

Vintage Jumper

Shirt and Tie

Something that seems to be more often associated with a suit, shirts and ties also lend themselves very well to blazers. Perfect for occasions where you want to look your best but without going to the trouble of wearing a suit. As I mentioned in my previous post “Ways to Style a 40s Suit” you can get a variety of different vintage style shirts with all kinds of variations in buttons, colours, stripes and patterns. The trick as usual is matching the colours in the blazer with those in the shirt and tie. Worn with a hat such as a trilby this would fit right in on a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Tank tops and Cardigans

Finally, one of my favourite ways to jazz up a blazer. Tank tops and cardigans are a staple of any vintage wardrobe. Cardigans are often best worn with simpler items so try and pick out a fairly plain blazer. As for vintage tank tops they come in all forms so get creative! Use them to show your true style. So long as you make sure they match one another.

Vintage Tank Top

So there’s one of your choices made simpler, and if I may I would like to help you with another. ALWAYS... choose chips.

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