Top Three Vintage Bags



Let's try make your mundane Monday a bit better!

Everyone loves a good vintage bargain - especially when it's high quality items, and here at Revival that is all that we offer!

Especially when it comes to bags. 

Here are our 3 favourite vintage handbags - we hope you love them as much as we do!

Tell us on social media, or comment below, your favourite items!


Bag 1

Bag 1

1980s Gold Chainmail Bag | £22.99

Have a party coming up? A gathering? An event? 

Still looking for that perfect vintage bag that will grab the attention of your peers? 

This bag is for you!

It is a true vintage example of a 1980s evening bag, and it is the perfect accessory for any outfit - no matter the occasion! 

Personally, I adore the colour and how much it sparkles - hence why it is number 1 on this list!


Bag 2 

Bag 2

Patchwork Leather Grab Bag | £26.99

Red, khaki, taupe, and brown - who knew these colours would work so well together? 

This bag is a great example of the 1970s, and we love it!

It is high quality leather, so you would definitely be getting your monies worth as it would last a long time! 


Bag 3

Bag 3

Black Patent Vintage Style Bag | £43.99

A bit pricier than our other bags, but that's because it is a high quality vintage style bag by Dancing Day, and the style is called Dark Blooms. 

It is our most elegant item, hence why it is on our favourites list!

It is a lovely authentic accessory which would be styled great with any 1950s or 60s clothing.

Or you could even add it to a modern day outfit, this bag is so versatile it looks great through the ages!

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