Spring Style Tips

It's often the case that between the winter and the spring, there's often a slight overhang. Sometimes it's just a few weeks but sometimes it can be a month. You know, when the sun is shining, but is interspersed with the snow and rain. When the flowers are coming up but are often frosted in the morning. It’s a (literal) grey area. So what would you wear? A tricky one isn't it. Well perhaps I can offer you a few helpful hints.

1. Colour, colour, colour!

Leaving the winter season, you’ll probably be used to dressing in darker colours. Shades of green and brown thrown in with navy, maroon and grey will probably be your standard. This time is the best time to switch out the dark for the light. Be sure to do this gradually. Start with your accessories. For example, Instead of wearing a dark scarf, wear something a little bit lighter, go from a navy to a blue, or a maroon to a red. As the weeks go by, start to retire some of your more substantial items to your wardrobe for another year. Jumpers, cardigans of a thicker nature are probably too warm at this time in the year so swap them out for something a little bit lighter and brighter!

Model in Coat

2. Remember the cold!

It’s sometimes easy to forget its cold out, especially when it’s sunny outside. Your coat is still very important so don’t ditch it in favour of a light jacket or blazer just so you look a bit better. No matter how good you look, I think if your teeth are chattering and you’re shivering because you wouldn’t wear a coat you’ll come off looking very silly indeed. By all means swap your coat out for another different just for a change, but make sure you sill wrap up appropriately!

3. Out with the old and in with the new!

This time is a great time to get something new! Lots of retailers and clothing companies still have sales on, and are just about to get some new stock in for the spring/season. You might have got some money for Christmas or you could have returned an unwanted gift for a gift card. If you think you need a few new bits for the spring time have a search around online, you might be able to grab yourself something special.

4. Adaptability

Now, when you build your outfit, please keep in mind these guidelines are only... well, guidelines! These rules are very dependent on the weather. It is true; as things get brighter you should wear more colourful attire, but if it’s still snowing all day stick to your winter wear! Only make the transition when it’s certain the sun is coming out for good.

Well, I hope I managed to help you spruce up your spring wardrobe, but remember to add your own flair to your outfits! If you think you’ve come up with something particularly good, be sure to show us. @revivalvintageuk is our Instagram username, so tag us in your spring outfits!

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