The Wonder Of Wool: Premium Scottish Knitwear

Ecological Natural Scottish Yarns


It is humbling to think that from sheep grazing contentedly on a hillside with some creativity and skill beautiful knitted garments can be produced for us all to enjoy. Revival are proud to offer premium knitwear from two brands based in the heart of Scotland using natural ecological yarns from their vicinity.


Based in Melrose near Galashiels, Eribé pride themselves in their handcrafted products in an unrivalled variety of colourways to suit global preferences and skin tones. Slow fashion and sustainability are at the heart of what they produce. We were lucky enough to be invited along to their showroom and factory where we witnessed first hand the skill and care that goes into making their beautiful clothing and accessories in classic Scottish designs. Eribé garments are knit in panels which are then stitched together by a combination of machine and hand finishing.

Semi automatic sleeve sewing

Harley Of Scotland
Established in 1929, they boast textile knowledge and technical expertise spanning three generations of the Harley family. Still in the same area of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire they have developed a seam free whole garment knitting method which allows for zero waste. With a heritage anchored in fair isle knitting techniques, Harley garments are inspired by the local landscapes and culture of the North-East and Northern Isles of Scotland. Harley produce knitwear for Revival under our own superior Socialite label.

Revival Vintage Wool Knitwear

Both companies carry out several quality checks during their manufacturing process to ensure a consistent high standard. They also carry out additional stitching in known areas of extra strain such as the lower welt side seams and sleeve cuffs. These works of art are made to last. They may cost more than you would pay for a fast fashion equivalent but Revival are value driven. This knitwear will look great for years to come. For us there is no comparison.

Close inspection of our premium knitwear
Quality checking throughout the process

The Problem With Synthetics
Synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon and acrylic are made from plastic. During washing a garment can potentially lose up to one million microfibres. These do not biodegrade and as yet we do not fully understand the damage that these plastic microfibres are doing to us, marine life and environment.

The Solution Is Wool
By switching to quality natural fibres you are supporting the mission to keep plastic out of our oceans and supply chain. Wool is 100% biodegradable in both soil and sea. Wool is entirely renewable as sheep naturally produce a new fleece every year. Buying long-lasting quality clothing helps slow down the fast fashion throwaway culture resulting in less waste reaching landfill. Aside from the clear benefits for our planet, wool offers us one of the most effective forms of all weather breathable comfort. The wonder of wool, what's not to love?

Vintage Knitwear Over Dress

How To Wear
We think the timeless Fair Isle knits look incredible worn over vintage dresses. It's a winning combination that extends the wearability of your summer wardrobe. Add a pair of natural wool socks and low heeled boots for a paired down lassie next door look. Look out for our coordinating turbans and berets to really bring your outfit together. The knitted vests look adorable over twee blouses or over a roll neck sweater to give you a double dose of cosiness.

Classic vintage inspired Fair Isle knitwear from Revival

For men the sleeveless Fair Isle slips are a must in any gentleman's vintage-inspired wardrobe. They are as authentic looking as you are going to get. Worn with high-waist trousers with a notch or fishtail back to emulate 1940s and 1950s menswear. Our Shetland wool Edward sweaters are fabulous celebrating the dapper style of Edward VIII. A close copy of his 1921 favourite V neck pullover complete with a two colour stripe rib.

Edward III inspired vintage sweater

This luxury knitwear makes a generous and thoughtful gift that is certainly not just for Christmas but will be treasured for many years.

Caring For Your Knitwear
It is perfectly normal that when you first wear a pure wool garment for loose fibres near the surface to rub together during movement and form little balls of wool known as pilling or bobbling. I have put together this simple guide to help you beat the bobbles and keep your garment looking fantastic for many years to come.

Hand wash is best - This is the gentlest way to wash your knitwear and the best way to avoid shrinkage plus minimises pilling. Use lukewarm water.
Wash your item inside out so that any pilling caused by the washing will be on the inside not the outside.
Add a small amount of mild liquid hand-soap and soak the garment for around 5 minutes. Using a regular washing detergent could damage the fibres.
Agitate the garment gentle with gentle squeezing, don't rub or wring.
Rinse in fresh water using similar motions.

Drying your pure wool vintage style knitwear

Lay your damp garment on a large bath town. Gently roll the towel and garment together much like a Swiss roll to remove excess water.
Air dry flat away from a direct heat source such as a radiator and carefully reshape.
Once dry, holding a steam iron just above the surface of the garment, ie not pressing down flat, works well to remove any minor creasing.
Remove any pilling by hand or sweater comb.
By doing this after each of the first 3-4 washes, you will find that it subsides and will eventually disappear.

From Ewe to you - look after your pure wool knitwear and it will look after you.  

Love your luxury Scottish knitwear

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