Well Suited To The Forties Look


Original forties suits are not easily sourced but fortunately the forties look was revived in the eighties, early nineties.  Think Niles Crane in the American hit series Frasier he nearly always wore the full works including 1940s look ties and braces.

This makes finding them some what easier and means you can still step out with an authentic 40s appearance on a modest budget.

We always have some of these suits in stock, let's look at the principle design features?

40s Suits

1940s Look Jacket

Double breasted, ideally shaping in a little at the waist.

Large Peak upward pointing lapels

No back vents

1940s Look Trousers

Wide cut

Higher in the waist with a lower rise than a modern trouser

Pleated fronts

Turn up hems

Ideally with buttons for braces


Complete Your Forties Look

So you have the suit, what should you team with it?


Spearpoint collar or collarless shirts as they are or with a button on collar are key.  A club collar just won't look right.  A modern collarless shirt is fine as long as it has a simple cut with a single or no pocket in a fine stripe or plain.  If your suit isn't too snug you could also add a knitted V neck tank top or coordinating waistcoat.  Although these tended to be reserved for a tweed suit or jacket for a smarter look just stick to the shirt and tie.

Collarless Shirts


Tank Top on Model


1940s Style Accessories

The tie needs to have a bold pattern or a placement 'swing' pattern to look the part.  Again original is great but if you aren't lucky enough to own one we do some great retro alternatives which are pure silk and hand made in Britain.  Here is an original American advertisement to illustrate the type of unique designs you are looking for.


Braces are another great way to add colour.  If your trousers have buttons at the waistband you can choose from our range with leather loops otherwise you can add buttons or select ones with silver or gold feather grip clips.  We design our own braces and have them made locally.

Other than the tie you might personalise your suit with cufflinks, tie bar or lapel pin.

Then to top it all off a wool felt Fedora or Panama. 

Model in 40s Suit

Add a slick of brill cream and there you are all set to nail the forties look Revival style.

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