Styling Vintage Sunglasses For Summer

Sunglasses 1

With many of us looking at staycations and holidays in the UK this summer, now is the perfect time to make sure your summer accessories are at the top of their game! I’m currently loving our 60s mod style oval sunglasses and thought I would share my styling tips with you.

Sunglasses 2

 In the heat of summer, no one wants to be spending hours styling their hair, especially when using hot tongs or rollers! I decided to quickly flick out the ends of my hair for a subtle nod to the classic 60s bubble flip. I really liked that this created a hint of a vintage look without the time commitment of some other styles, especially for those of us with long hair.

60s make-up is all about the eyes, and since I knew I would be wearing sunglasses all day, I chose to keep things simple and paired the retro sunglasses with a light peach lipstick to keep the focus on the bold frames. The warm tone of the lipstick also ties in the red top I chose to wear, helping to pull the overall look together.

Sunglasses 3

Finally, for a finishing touch, I opted for these white, acrylic hoops and a vintage, beaded necklace from my collection. I really like having my necklace and earrings to match in colour. They’re great for picking out a colour in your outfit or matching to other accessories like belts or shoes as well. Colourful, bold jewellery was very popular in the 60s so these earrings are great for creating a similar feel. For an even more authentic look, you could try teardrop hoops or flower shaped earrings too!

These sunglasses are the perfect accessory for a sixties inspired look so be sure to check out our range of 1960s vintage clothing. If you're in need of further 60s style inspiration, our 1960s vintage fashion guide will tell you everything you need to know about fashion in the swinging sixties. How do you style your sunglasses? We’d love to see, so don’t forget to tag Revival Vintage in your posts over on Facebook and Instagram. Stay safe and enjoy your socially distanced time in the sun!

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