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Up until 2017 Revival sold original vintage shirts and a retro white spearpoint collar shirt we bought from a wholesale supplier.  We were struggling to find enough stock of both types - the originals were proving more and more elusive, especially in larger sizes. With the reproduction spearpoint, we were often left waiting for our supplier to re-stock in all the sizes we needed. It was this frustrating predicament that prompted us to explore producing our own range.

So Spear So Far

The first garment we manufactured under the Revival label was a replacement plain white soft collar 9cm spearpoint collar shirt.  Followed closely by a collarless style with our unique stitched front bib detail and a round club collar version to reflect the growing popularity of Peaky Blinders.  

Buoyed by positive feedback as customers praised the authentic styling and quality of our pure cotton shirts, we gradually extended our range to offer over 30 different styles of our authentic vintage replica shirts at any one time.  Don't just take our word for it, read our genuine trusted shops reviews.

Revival Vintage Style Shirts

We currently offer Spearpoint shirts with French (double) and Barrel Cuffs, with and without collar tabs. We have various stripes plus soft brushed cotton for colder weather. Sometimes we get asked why our spears are a soft collar without collar stays or stiffeners. This is simply because the type we are familiar with today were not introduced until 1953.

Join The Club

As well as our spearpoint collars, collarless and club collars we offer the Beaumont which has a deeper collar stand and has a larger penny round collar.  Our latest project has been a vintage style shirt with a detachable bankers collar. A straight collar with a narrow spread and a centre back notch.

Often we take our inspiration from original vintage collars.  Our latest design below is no exception.  You can see we have replicated this original detached collar which incidentally was also made in Huddersfield. Our range with detachable collars will be available from early next year.

Take It Away

Detachable Collars

Top Collar - Socialite Shirts

All our shirts are high-quality but to coincide with the launch of our Socialite tailored vintage suit we have found some high gauge cotton, the champion of shirt fabrics.  These premier shirts also have higher spec trims & notions. 

Socialite Suit

Top Marks

1940s Mens Shirt

The difficult part now is deciding which Revival shirt to choose. Mark wears our London Stripe Spearpoint collar shirt which has a collar tab and single barrel cuffs.

Remember two shirts or more normally gets you free UK delivery.

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Love your clothing range, I shall be mentioning you guys to our Classic Car Club (LMC Drivers Club) so we can get the right attire for our shows! 😀👍

Perry Shaw September 28, 2022

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