Revival Vintage Celebrity Style File

The Revival Vintage Celebrity Style File is back for a third edition! A little help from our wardrobe and you’ll be rocking these looks like these vintage queens in no time!

Anna Friel

Anna Friel is one to watch for all things flapper-esque! A traditional vintage lover, the actress stuns with beautifully embroidered dresses and a signature touch of fur.

Our vintage bluebell dress offers a touch of the 20s with heavy embroidery throughout the skirt and long sheer sleeves. Complete with a gathered bodice and original belt, this piece flatters your figure and adds a unique touch to your wardrobe. The black backdrop of the dress pairs beautifully with block colour accessories, like our red patent frame bag and our red 1950s sunglasses that add class to any outfit. The shape of these sunglasses is one to die for! Add that classic Friel touch with our tonal brown faux fur stole and have fun with it – either around your neck or drape it around your shoulders to feel that ever bit classy. On the colder days, our vintage coney fur jacket can offer a replacement for the stole, but we recommend not pairing the two together, things could get a bit furry!


Anna Friel Outfit


Billie Piper

Billie Piper is a big fan of the vintage! Offering a more geek-chic touch than most, her style is reminiscent of street-style queen Alexa Chung (we styled that lovely lady here!). It’s a rare sight to see Piper in big and bold patterns - she likes to keep her style simplistic, normally with timeless tweed classics and a dash of pearl jewellery.

Of course, we included our cropped brown tweed jacket – it screams timeless! The shade of brown is one that can complement any piece you choose to pair with it. The velvet collar adds just that amount of texture to make the jacket feel finished. Pair this cropped jacket with a fitted skirt to create a beautiful fitted style suit. Our matching skirt will be an outfit to smile about or if you’re feeling a bit of clash, pair it with our Prince of Wales vintage skirt. Add some catseye clear lenses and a croc bag and you’ll be feeling Piper in no time!


Billie Piper Outfit


 Natalia Vodianova

Now this is a classy lady. Natalia Vodianova manages to stun me every time I catch a glimpse of her – how can someone be so classy? A mouth-wateringly gorgeous wardrobe, her style is harder than some to replicate – with her range of high end designer threads and one-off jewels – but don’t fear, we have pulled together something just as classy.

Nothing says sophistication like monochrome. While we didn’t choose a block colour dress, we did decide to spice it up a bit with this 80s black & white dress. Monochrome vertical stripes always make a classy backdrop and flatter your figure a lot more than horizontal stripes do – hint, do check out the longer legs illusion! To channel true Vodianova, pair our black woven stretch gloves and a sleek black patent frame bag. If you’re not one for the no colour, our retro red roses belt will give you a splash of red. Who doesn’t love monochrome and red? A match made in heaven for the colourful ones amongst us!


Natalia Vodianova Outfit


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The Olsen sisters often like to break the fashion mould when it comes to vintage. Daring to be different, this stylish duo take inspiration from vintage creations and make them that ever bit lively. With their clever mix of old and new and a wealth of the colour clash, they offer a more unique branch of vintage for you lively souls out there.

Of course, this means two outfits! As much as there isn’t a distinct difference in the way one another dresses, we’ve styled up a bit of a mix. A bold block colour backdrop is common when it comes to these two. Often a midi-length or maxi dress, our royal blue 1970s dress will do perfectly. Add a bit of texture with our Astrakhan coat because the mink collar is just gorgeous. If you’re feeling a bit unfinished, a silk scarf wouldn’t go a miss, either on the handle of your bag or styled in your hair.

We couldn’t let slip a leopard fur coat. This truly stuns on its own, but the Olsen sisters have to go that extra mile – and don’t we thank them for it! Our black & white beaded top goes wonderfully underneath to jazz up the outfit and a pop of purple from our 1940s style sunglasses will make the true Olsen outfit!


Mk & A Olsen Outfits



Happy styling!

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