RAFTA Winner 2022 - Pascal Meinke

RAFTA Winner 2022 - Pascal MeinkeBack in 2021 we started the Revival Award For Terrific Attire (RAFTA) to reward our customers for showcasing our products on Instagram with a winners certificate & a £10 gift voucher to spend in our shop. At the end of the year we then hold the RAFTA grand finale where the overall winner would receive a massive £100 Revival gift voucher as well as one of our prestigious RAFTA medals.

Our first ever winners were Craig & Sarah Jenkins who have since become good friends of the business and have even featured in photoshoots for Revival. In 2022 we had even more great entries from a wide variety of customers located all around the world. Please keep tagging us in your Instagram photos as we love to see how you style our clothing. After much deliberation we crowned Pascal Meinke from Germany as our new RAFTA champion!

Before we have a chat with our winner, let's take a look at all the other entrants from 2022. Make sure to go follow them on Instagram for plenty of vintage outfit inspiration.

RAFTA Winners 2022 January - AprilJanuary - Laura Moore (@laural0100)
We love Laura's 1940s style outfits & she has been a great supporter of Revival. She has taken pictures in so many pieces from our women's Socialite collection including our latest offering, the Majestic suit.

February - Dickon Armstrong (@the_vintage_motorist)
Dickon has a huge passion for vintage cars & own the most beautiful Austin Seven. He takes some great pictures of transport heritage whilst wearing his classic country gent style outfits.

March - Ian Ramsbottom (@iramsbottom)
Ian is a regular at vintage nostalgia events and can often be seen on the dancefloor. He always dresses well for swing dancing, sporting a Revival spearpoint collar shirt with the rest of his vintage attire.

April - Samuel Lindblad (@retro_samuel)
With his strong interest in vintage lifestyle, fashion & cars, Samuel has become a very popular online content creator. We love seeing the new vintage pieces that Sam picks up, especially when he pairs these classic forties suits with one of our spearpoints.

RAFTA Winners 2022 May - AugustMay - Stefan Scutt (@stefscutt)
Stef is a 1940s reenactor & keen swing dancer. We love seeing the cute videos of him & his partner Soph dancing together! His photos always display his great sense of style whether dressed in military uniform or a classic suit.

June - Sophia Sharpe (@sophiavitabrevis)
Sophia has a passion for secondhand fashion and always looks fabulous in her vintage finds. She has bought several true vintage dresses from Revival and we love seeing her wearing them!

July - Claire Lewis (@claireydaisyhope)
Claire is a lovely Welsh lady with a strong interest in wartime military & the home front. She looked stunning in our red Starlet dress which she wore on a trip to Cahoots in London.

August - Miss Lily Lovejoy (@misslilylovejoy)
Miss Lily Lovejoy is quite well known amongst 1940s enthusiasts as she is a vintage singer who performs at many nostalgia events up and down the country. On stage she always has to look her best so she often wears vintage style dresses from Revival during her performances.

RAFTA Winners 2022 September - DecemberSeptember - Pascal Meinke (@blue_eyes_white_dapper)
Our eventual winner, Pascal impressed us with his impeccable sense of fashion & cool photographic style. On top of being a teacher, he somehow manages to post almost every day so there's always great new outfit ideas to see on his social media pages.

October - Mark Cass (@the_dapper_timetraveller)
Mark is a vintage historian, reenactor and collector. He also has his own WWII living history group called Homefront To Frontline that put on displays at nostalgia events. His outfits are truly fantastic and have an authentic forties quality to them that few can match.

November - Oliver Buckle (@oliver_buckle40)
We love Oliver's 1940s style outfits, he always looks incredibly dapper in his vintage suits and coats. He has also started taking part in RAF reenactment at forties events and looks just as stylish in his uniform.

December - Will Fox (@the_40s_kiwi)
Our last RAFTA of the year went to Will who is another WWII reenactor. He has a fantastic collection of military uniforms. When he's in his civvies, Will has a great sense of vintage style with our Granville notch back trousers being one of his most worn pieces.

Now on to our RAFTA champion for 2022, Pascal Meinke! We asked him a few questions to get to know him a bit better & find out more about his love of vintage fashion.

RAFTA Winner 2022 Pascal Meinke

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Pascal Meinke, I'm 26 years old and I'm from Germany. I live in a small town called Eisenberg and I'm a teacher in a kindergarten. I regularly give outfit inspiration to people out there via platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

How did you get into vintage fashion?
I've always been interested in fashion but vintage fashion in particular got me hooked to the point when I first saw the show Peaky Blinders. The great three-piece suits and newsboy caps simply fascinated me, so I bought myself a suit first and that's when the collection in my closet grew.

RAFTA Winner 2022 Pascal Meinke

Where do you get inspiration for your looks?
Mostly from other vintage lovers on Instagram and Pinterest.

Who is your favourite vintage fashion icon?
I would say Thomas and Arthur Shelby inspired me a lot, even if they are fictional people.

RAFTA Winner 2022 Pascal Meinke

What are some of your favourite vintage/vintage style pieces?
My favourite ones are probably the striped spearpoint tab collar shirts from you and my Harris Tweed flat caps.

What might you spend your Revival gift voucher on?
I will use the voucher for a Fair Isle tank top and for another shirt with a tab collar. There are still things I need in my collection.

RAFTA Winner 2022 Pascal Meinke

Thank you Pascal for taking part, we hope you enjoy your prize! If you would like to be in with a chance of winning your very own RAFTA & becoming the next RAFTA champion make sure you tag @revivalvintageuk in your pictures on Instagram.

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