Could Revival Vintage Kit Out The King?

King Charles Coronation Invitation

To mark the coronation of King Charles on 6th May 2023 we took the opportunity to look back at his favourite styles over the years. If we had been on his radar could we have found him some outfits fit for a King? We'd like to think so...

Of course at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6th May, King Charles will more than likely wear the traditional breeches, coronation robes and stockings worn by his predecessors or perhaps a military outfit. But what does he choose to wear when he isn't top to toe in formal Regalia?

The King promotes British manufacturing as much as possible. Many of his custom suits and jackets have been in his dressing room for decades. He favours classic suits and separates that do not look out of place from one year to the next.

Some of his best-loved brands include a few that we stock. Anderson & Sheppard and Gieves & Hawkes we have from time to time among our true vintage tweed jackets. John Smedley knits we love here when we can find them plus we stock Dents gloves, a favourite accessory. 

Let's look how we square up against some of the King's signature outfits:

The Double-Breasted Suit

King Charles wearing a double breasted suit holding a cane

Noticeably the King's favourite suit style has to be double-breasted with a peak lapel and six buttons showing. The Prince of Wales check looks perfect in this silhouette but through the years as the Prince of Wales we have seen the same style repeated in plain, check and stripe cloths. We always carry a selection of these double-breasted demob style suits. Here we highlight a grey one that has very similar design elements.

1940s Style Overcoat

King Charles public parade wearing a brown overcoat

King Charles has always been ahead of the crowd when it comes to promoting environmental awareness – so much so, that the 71-year-old royal has been regularly re-wearing two wool coats since the eighties. The heir to the British throne tends to alternate between a camel coloured covert coat and a heavier 1940s style brown tweed Anderson & Sheppard double-breasted one. He has even modified his camel one by tweaking the collar - rather than buying a replacement. We have had near enough the exact same coats from time to time these two are from current stock at the time of writing. Unlike the Kings 1980s tweed version, ours is original forties.

Country Tweed Jacket

King Charles riding a horse wearing tweed jacket in the countryside

Always a fave with outdoorsy types. This four pocket style with slanted flaps sets it apart from the common blazer. Equestrian styles are often adopted for mainstream country wear. We buy tweed jackets with unusual detailing whenever we can. We are confident King Charles would enjoy browsing our rail of tweeds if we had a branch near Clarence House.

 A Linen Suit

King Charles wearing a cream linen suit and a Panama hat

Tours to tropical climes or warm weather walkabouts on the other hand might see the King wearing a cream linen suit like the one shown here. Our Gadabout suit might just do the job. Three-button style tick, single breasted tick but differ in so much as our 1940s style linen suit has patch pockets. Like Charles we have suggested teaming it with a woven summer trilby. We love the way he has chosen a bold stripe tie that coordinates with his hatband. A keen eye for detail!

We might never get the opportunity but in conclusion I think yes we could kit out a King. Meanwhile our loyal customers are Revival royalty and for now we are more than happy with that.

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