Five Vintage Gifts Every Woman Will Love

Isn’t it special when you receive a really personal gift for Christmas? Of course, everyone loves a box of chocolates, but a gift that is really unique makes the receiver feel so much better. That’s why vintage is such a great present to give at Christmas.

Getting it right with a vintage gift can be tricky: after all unless you’re a real expert in somebody else’s measurements buying them a vintage dress is a risky business, so here are 5 fail-safe vintage gifts to buy for the women in your life:

1. Vintage Handbags

A vintage handbag is a lovely gift. Whether you choose a glitzy evening bag, a 1960s vanity case (like the one pictured below) or a sleek 1950s kelly bag, they all make for a wonderful and unique surprise. Shop vintage bags here

Vintage Handbags

2. Vintage Baskets & Tins

Vintage grocery baskets were particularly popular in the 1940s and 50s.  Not only do vintage baskets look great on your arm they are fabulous for storing things in around the home.  I have one for my pegs, spare toilet rolls, cleaning products and scarves.  The same can be said for these beautiful floral tins which make a great gift in themselves or to present a vintage item of clothing in instead of conventional wrapping. 


3. Vintage or Retro Tights

Whether you choose new tights in sexy retro styles, or genuine deadstock tights from the 1950s or 60s, nothing can really beat the look of seamed tights or burlesque style stockings! If those are a bit on the naughty side, then why not go for some classic Mary Quant tights? Shop vintage hosiery here.

4. A Vintage Cardigan

A little more risky than the others in that it is a sized item.  I think there is always a bit of flexibility with knitwear fit compared to, for example, a dress or trousers.

You can't beat the feel or the look of an original pure wool vintage cardigan.

Vintage knitwear has fabulous design features and embellishment using high quality often natural yarns. Choose from timeless Home Knits, Arans, Fairisle knits and Nordic patterns.


5. Vintage or Retro Sunglasses

Sunglasses, for Christmas? Why of course! Everybody needs (and loves) sunglasses, and you can have as many bright sunny days in the cold days of winter as you can in the summer. After all, we all need sunglasses when we’re driving in the low winter sun! Grab a pair of cat-eye retro sunglasses or big 60s style shades to make for a really stylish Christmas present.

Tortoiseshell SunglassesRed Polka Dot Sunglasses

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