Laundry Day Detergent Sheets - Flower Press Scent


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  • Laundry Day Detergent Sheets - Flower Press Scent

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    Our own solution to vintage washing woes! Formulated with a clean natural scent with added anti-bacterial properties, Revival Laundry Day sheets are a gentle detergent you can use to care for all your most treasured clothing pieces, including delicates and pure wool.

    Why choose Laundry Day?

    • Convenient and mess-free - our detergent sheets are pre-measured and easy to use.
    • Gentle on delicate fabrics - ingredients that clean effectively without causing damage or fading.
    • Hand or machine wash - even at temperatures of 20°C, our sheets will disperse easily and work effectively.
    • Environmentally friendly - an eco-friendly and biodegradable detergent that comes in recyclable card packaging.
    • Travel ready - Laundry Day sheets are convenient and lightweight, perfect to slip into a suitcase.
    • Space saving - a pack of up to 64 doses in your cupboard takes up the space of a slim notebook.
    • Tackles musty smells - as lovers of vintage clothing we're no strangers to that "left in the wardrobe" funk. The antibacterial properties of our sheets make them ideal for refreshing your vintage finds.

    The Laundry Day sheets have a mellow scent with fresh floral notes which is why we chose the name flower press.  The sheets have a pleasant smell in their pack but they transfer minimal scent to washed clothing. If you like a lingering perfume on your garments, we recommend combining them with the matching Laundry Day fragrance booster beads.

    Directions for use:

    Washing machine: 1. Put the sheet directly into the drum. 2. Fill drum with laundry (up to 4.5 kg). 3. Start a regular washing cycle.

    Hand wash: 1. Use one sheet and dissolve in warm or cool water. 2. Add laundry and wash by hand (up to 4.5 kg). 3. Thoroughly rinse with cool clean water.

    Important information: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not touch with damp or wet hands. Always follow the garment care label. Wash hands after use. Pre-treat stubborn stains with a stain remover. Wash non-colourfast laundry separately.

    Ingredients: Sodium dodecyl sulphate, water, polyvinyl alcohol, trisodium citrate, glycerol, natural perfume.

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