Win A Pair Of Retro Sunglasses

Been busy adding some great new retro sunglasses to the website over the last couple of weeks.

We offer a fantastic range with styles to reflect all the decades to accessories the vintage clothing we sell.

Let's start with 1940s. Narrow catseye, round shapes.

1940s Style Sunglasses

Three Revival 1940s style frames on offer 

Many of the 1950s styles became winged like the American cars at the time.

1950s Style Sunglasses

Three Revival 1950s style frames on offer 

From the sixties I have California ovals and curvy cats eyes.  

1960s Style Sunglasses

Three Revival 1960s style frames on offer 

Finally the wider frames and aviators of the seventies.

1970s Style Sunglasses


Three Revival 1970s style frames on offer 

Not only does our great new range look fantastic and totally authentic with all your vintage dresses or vintage inspired clothing they are safe too. They all have sun protection category three lenses tested to BS EN 1836 standards. Despite the very reasonable price they are high quality and strong.

To share the love of these fabulous glasses I am offering a pair up for free to the person with the most original answer to the question that follows. Bonus points for sharing any photograph that you are wiling for me to use to promote this competition on social media.
So all I’m asking is which pair would you choose and why. It might be you already have a great vintage outfit that will look even more authentic with a pair of our sunnies. Maybe you want to nail the 1970s look that is so fashionable right now. Are you going somewhere exotic on holiday or have you bought a new convertible. I’m sure you can do better than that just getting the ball rolling although sadly not one of thse things apply to me. That’s not to say I won’t be helping myself to a couple of pairs!!

Closing date May 20th 2016.

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