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Post Goodwood Revival Vintage re-stock

We were so busy for the two weeks running up to Goodwood Revival that we are having to almost start over again with several sections of the website.  Please bear with us while we top up our men's vintage shirts and suits in particular.  Certainly for the original vintage stuff it can be a slow job as there is no magical wholesale company that we can pop along to.  It takes weeks and months trawling around to bring you the vintage you love.

As the leaves turn into their beautiful palette of russets, oranges and terracotta we start to think about clothing for the colder weather so this month as well as tying to fill gaps we are buying knitwear tweed and other thicker fabrics.  Our shirts are cosy flannels and soft corduroy.  Our dresses are long sleeved in tartans, tweeds and jersey.

Vintage Harris Tweed

As well as the classic Tweed jacket styles we try to find Norfolk, half Norfolk and other unusual cloth, tab and collar details without straying too far from tradition.  

Tweed Jackets 1


Tweed Jackets 2

Vintage Cotton Flannel Shirts

These we offer in a whole manor of checks from tartan plaid to Lumberjack favourites.  They are warm and look great on girls as well as guys.  We like to offer a range of prices so we have basic work wear plus familiar quality brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.  Look out for Prison styles which are extra long for tucking in & keeping extra toasty.  Check out our checks right here.

Check Shirts 1

Check Shirts 2

Vintage Corduroy Shirts

We have also stocked up our offering of cotton cord vintage shirts.  Most are branded labels for extra quaility and style.  Corduroy is a classic fabric that has a timeless relaxed look.

Cord Shirts

Spitfire Vintage Style Gift Sets

 Looking ahead to Christmas we are also trying to source some great gift ideas for the vintage loving friend or relative.  We have added to our men's accessories with this 1940s Spitfire cufflinks and tie bar gift set.  Plus re-stocked on our most popular lines.



Womens Vintage In September

Below is a selection of some of the new vintage style hats we have bought.  We are due more next month.  My intention is to offer a great vintage inspired choice to compliment our originals.  I have chosen Autumn shades that will compliment your Autumn Winter wardrobe.  All 100% fine wool.


Vintage Dresses

I have added around 20 new original vintage dresses, around 6 of which have already sold.  We have concentrated more on the guys this month, however any day now we are due some fabulous new 1940s inspired dresses and suits.  They will be added to the site as soon as I can and featured in next month's 'New In'


Pickering War Weekend

Next month you can fnd me at Pickering 1940s War Weekend North Yorkshire 13th to 15th October.  We will be taking a good selection of our stock from that era for men and women.  You may have seen my previous BLOG Pickering WW2 Experience. 

I will be at the back of the White Swan pub in one of their out buildings, wearing my thermals but happy to be part of such a great event.  It won't look like this once I have finished with it!

White Swan

Look forward to seeing customers old and new and taking in what will be an amazing atmosphere I'm sure.

See you next month.

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