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We like to keep our vintage website fresh and interesting for our regulars by adding new vintage and vintage inspired every week.  Infact it's how I spend most of my time each day sourcing, photographing & adding new beautiful things.  It's time consuming because the true vintage items are one offs so all the work is for a single purchase but it's what makes us unique so we would not want it any other way. 

New Vintage in July for Women

Vintage Dresses


Although true vintage dresses aren't as popular as they used to be I still can't resist buying one or two if I get the chance.  These are all new in July.  Below we have some of the new retro styles with the advantage of being available in a range of sizes.  When selecting reproduction I still try to focus on the look of the real thing.  You will not find giant fairy cakes or skulls on our fabrics.

Reproduction Dresses

Vintage Accessories For Women

As well as these beautiful vintage dresses also for July we have added two new style of retro sunglasses  and a few new bags and hats. We are always on the lookout for decent accessories because they improve the authenticity of a vintage look dress or separates.

New Vintage in July for Men


Tank Tops


Collarless Shirts


One of our main aquisitions this month is a new grey colour-way plus re-stocking of our popular green & beige Fairisle 1940s style tank tops.  We struggle to get enough original tank tops and these are ideal for all shaped bodies and look authentic worn with other forties vintage clothing.

If you missed our recent BLOG on the history of Fairisle you can read it here.

We are always on the lookout for great men's vintage pieces.  Again we add new items every week.  In July we have added several collarless shirts and demob style suits. Some of the clothing is not as old as 1940s but we bring everything together in one place to give you the look without the timely job of sourcing it all separately.

Vintage Accessories For Men




We re-stocked our range of vintage style trouser braces plus added a few new styles.  They are available with straight leather loops ore curved loops, both for trousers with buttons on the waistband.  The others have either silver or gold trouser clips.  They are all adjustable to fit with feather closures.  Better still they are hand made by a local company, the only one of my suppliers I can actually walk to from home here in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.  To celebrate our own designs this month we invested in our own printing plate so they can be packaged with our own branding. 



Revival On The Road

Our next vintage event is Saddleworth Yanks Weekend August 5th-6th 2017, an annual military show & vehicle parade in the village of Uppermill in Saddleworth. The event brings a wide selection of fabulous 1940’s entertainment, historical displays and of course our stall of 1940s clothes & accessories for men & women. Come and say hello if you can make it.

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