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TikTok Seasonal Colour Analysis Filter

If you are a frequent user of TikTok, you have probably seen the Seasonal Colour Analysis on your For You Page numerous times. The Seasonal Colour Analysis filter aims to match your skin tone with your complimentary colour palette. The Seasonal Colour Analysis method was realised in the 1950s and was popularised in the 1980s and is based on colour theory. The analysis takes into account your skin tone, temperature and depth to configure what colours will suit your skin tone to make the dressing process simpler and more effective. If you don’t have access to TikTok or the outcome is not as apparent as you’d have liked, you can learn your seasonal colour palette by looking at the depth and warmth of your skin. All you need to do is work out your skin undertones and the temperature of your hair and eyes. If you don’t know how to do that then we have added some tests that you can carry out within this blog post.


Why Use The Seasonal Colour Analysis?

As you discover what colours work the best for your skin tone, you will be able to understand what colours to add to your wardrobe and potentially which ones you should take out. The purpose of this is to end up with a complimentary wardrobe where each piece of clothing emphasises your natural beauty. It should also take the stress of shopping away from you as you will eventually build up an understanding of what colours work for you and you can hone in on this. I would suggest that you don’t restrict yourself too much at first and be open-minded and experimental with your colour. 


What Each Season Means

The Seasonal Colour Analysis is split into four sections and each section correlates to a season of the year. The seasons have been labelled to coincide with the colours that we associate them with for example we associate Winter with Icy Blue and White colours whereas we associate Autumn with earthy Greens and Browns. If you are warm and light, you are Spring. If you are cool and light, you are Summer. If you are warm and dark, you are Autumn and if you are cool and dark, you are Winter.


Understanding your Skin Tone and Depth


There are numerous tests out there to help you to understand which season you belong to but at Revival Vintage we have suggested three tests that are simple and easy to carry out. The results from each test can vary and may not give a clear result so you should use the test that makes your answer the most apparent or use the most common answer if you find that your answers contradict each other.

The first test is the metal test. This is where you put pieces of Gold and Silver jewellery up against your skin in natural sunlight and see which one makes your skin look the healthiest. If you choose Silver you are likely to have a cool undertone whereas, if you have selected Gold then you are likely to have warm undertones.

The second test is the vein test. Look at your veins; I recommend the ones on your wrist and see what colour they are. If your veins are Green in colour then you have warm undertones but if they have Blue or Purple hues then you are definitely cool-toned.

The final test is the most simple, this is the tan test. All you have to do is ask yourself if you can tan easily, if the answer is yes then you have warm-toned skin but if the answer is no then you have cool-toned skin.


Our recommendations

Here at Revival Vintage, we want you to feel confident and comfortable in everything you wear. So we have put together a list of handpicked pieces that would work for you based on your seasonal skin tone so that you can look good and most importantly, feel good. At the time of writing this blog post, the items mentioned are all currently available on our website. If what you were looking for has sold out check out our website for similar options.



People with Spring complexions suit bold colours such as Yellow, Orange, Light Pink and Grass Green shades. Some of the pieces we recommend to help emphasise a Summers's natural beauty include the 40s Look Bloomsbury Green Contrast Trim Dress and the 1940s Pink Floral Tribute Dress which can be seen on our Senior Marketing Assistant, Caroline below. The Orange Vintage Look Glossy Patent Frame Bag would also be perfect for you as it features Gold hardware which compliments your skin tone and makes your skin look healthier and glowy.

Caroline in the Pink Floral Tribute Dress



People with Summer complexions suit colours with cool undertones that are equally as bold. These colours include Magenta, Navy, Pink and Turquoise. Some of the pieces we believe would compliment a Summer complexion are the Vintage Style Periwinkle and White Check Dress and the Navy and White Sailor Collar Vintage Style Swing Dress which can be seen on Alice, our Product Listings and Creative Input Assistant below. If accessories are more your thing, we think the Soft Pink Vintage Look Glossy Patent Frame Bag would also be perfect for you.

Alice in the Navy and White Sailor Collar Vintage Style Swing Dress



People with Autumnal complexions suit earthy colours such as Brown, Dark Green and Teal as they compliment the warmth of the skin.  Some of our favourite Autumnal pieces include the Promenade Coat in Brown, the Red Vintage Inspired Swing Dress and The Replica 1940s Heathland Green Starlet Dress which you can see on Heather, our Social Media and Marketing Assistant below.

Heather in the Replica 1940s Heathland Green Starlet Dress



People with Winter complexions suit colours with a cool undertone such as Magenta, Aqua, Cobalt and White as this compliments their natural skin undertone. Even though we don’t have anyone in the office with a Winter complexion, we have handpicked some pieces that would work well with a cool undertone including the Nostalgia Bag in Cobalt, the Replica 1940s Floral Symphony Peplum Dress and the Vintage 1940s Inspired Pastel Check Dress.


Our Honest Review

After carrying out the Seasonal Colour Analysis and wearing colours recommended to us, our overall score for the Seasonal Colour Analysis was four out of five stars. We all had a very similar opinion on the method with Alice saying “it worked well and we all suited the colours it matched us up with however, it wouldn’t stop me from buying a piece of clothing that didn’t line up with my colour palette.” Caroline then added, “it is a helpful tool for people that don’t know what colours compliment them but my advice would be not to let it dictate what you wear.” Heather then said of the method, “I love the concept and I think it worked well for us but I think it is too restrictive to enjoy Fashion the way that most people do.”  Overall, the Seasonal Colour Analysis was a success but our key takeaway is to not let it restrict you as Fashion is meant to be enjoyable and experimental.


We hope you have found this blog post interesting and useful for finding your complimentary colour palette. Comment below what season you are! You can now watch the videos of Alice, Caroline and Heather carrying out the process on our TikTok @revivalvintageuk.

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