The Revival Vintage Twelve Gifts Of Christmas

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Christmas Cheer - Tricky This Year?

We go back in time to help you find the perfect gifts.  

Choosing the right present for those we hold dear has been made even more tricky this crazy year with shops intermittently closed. We have also missed trips out together pointing at desired items in shop windows, opportunities to exchange hints and clues. Whilst we haven’t had visitors to our own showroom, thankfully our website has kept us afloat and we have been able to bring you a good selection of vintage & vintage-inspired goodies despite the circumstances. This season we have expanded our range of potential Christmas gifts to spark some ideas and help you find something unique. Here we share some of our favourites for the vintage lovers in your life or someone who appreciates a personal gift that doesn't follow fast fashion trends.

Men's Gifts 1 - 6

12 Days Of Vintage Gifts For Men

1  A Vintage Style hat,  This green Fedora is one of many vintage style hats and caps to compliment clothing from several eras.  Tweed caps look great with country-style clothing and retro Peaky Blinders style outfits. Our Fedoras, Panamas and Trilbies come in a good choice of colours so they can be coordinated with 1930s and 1940s suits and jackets.

Revival men's hats £16.99 - £31.99

2   Socialite Moon Tweed Jacket. Of course, we offer a range of original vintage tweed jackets but size availability in the styles you like are always going to be a bit hit and miss.  This fabulous range of tailored tweeds using Moon high-quality cloth takes away the gamble.   One size can always be exchanged for another if, for example, the receiver has had one too many mince pies on the run-up to the big day.

Socialite Moon tweeds £108.95 - £199.99

3  Vintage Inspired Enamelled Poppy Tie Slide.   One of the many ways a guy can add a personal twist to a classic garment.  Choose from retro cufflinks, collar bars and tie slides.

Retro cufflinks & pins £8.99 - £43.99

4  Socialite Moleskin Waistcoat.  Another beautiful quality garment handmade by a company no larger than Corrie's Underworld right on our doorstep here in Huddersfield home of the historic woollen mills.  There are three great shades to choose from.  Here we have rich red in a four-pocket style. 

Handmade Socialite waistcoats £79.99

5  Vintage Style Trouser Braces.  What better way to hold up your vintage or vintage style trousers than a pair of handmade braces.  Available with leather loops for fishtail and other styles with waistband buttons.  No buttons? no problem we have shiny nickel & gilt clip varieties too.

Revival vintage style braces £28.99-£32.99

6  Timeless Pocket Watch & Chain.  Let the good times roll with this classic watch and chain.  Shown in silver, also offered in gold gilt to coordinate with the lucky recipient's other retro accessories.

Classic watch and chain gift set £34.99

Men's Gifts 7-12

 7  An Authentic Revival & Socialite Replica 1930s 40s Shirt.  Our spearpoint collar shirts like the blue stripe one here have starred in Hollywood blockbusters and UK TV productions alike.  They are loved because they are close copies of their original counterparts yet available in modern collar sizes.  They sit alongside our other shirts such as club, bankers collars and collarless grandad styles.  Each one boasts all the features of the true vintage shirts in beautiful quality cottons.

Revival brand shirts £38.99-£56.99

8  Revival Navy Blue Fishtail Trousers.  Another Revival exclusive taken from a pair of original forties trousers.  High waist with a shaped fishtail back.  They include those all-important buttons for braces and turnup hems.  Shown here in Navy blue, also available in Mocha Chino beige and grey.

Revival fishtail trousers £67.99

9  Shetland Wool Fairisle Knitted Tanktop. Iconic sleeveless knitted vest from the thirties and forties.  Made in Scotland to give you an authentic appearance when worn over vintage style shirts for a relaxed everyday vibe.  Shown here in our Burnside colour combination.

Shetland Wool Tank Tops £79.99-£89.99

10  Red Vintage Style Silk Swing Tie.  Here Revival brings you another reproduction accessory that is designed and made in the UK.  The kooky designs of this retro neckwear range reflect the American swing style ties of the 40s era.   

1940s style silk swing ties £25.99-27.95

11  Suede Front Vintage Cardigan.  Original vintage always brings you something unique to wear.  Original knitwear comes in all shapes & sizes but often warmer and of a higher quality than modern examples.  Here we have a suede fronted cardigan which is versatile because it can be worn as a casual jacket.

Original vintage knitwear from £22.99 suede front cardigan £43.99

12  Vintage Style Reading Glasses.  Why spoil a great rigout with a pair of modern specs.  We have selected a range of readers to reflect the eyewear of the decades which refect the clothing styles we sell.

Retro reading glasses £11.99


Women's Gifts 1-6

12 Days Of Vintage Gifts For Women

1  Red & Green Original Vintage Scarf.  These are such a versatile accessory to gift a person.  They can be worn around a plain neckline, used to decorate the hair or tied to a handbag.  They can also be used to wrap another awkwardly shaped present.  

Vintage head scarves £11.99-£17.99

2 Vintage Look Leather Gloves.  A classic Christmas gift and, of course, ours have a retro twist.  Soft real leather for warmth and comfort.

Leather ladies gloves £17.99

3 Red 1950s Catseye Reading Glasses.  If you wish to look authentic from head to toe you don't want a pair of modern reading glasses in your handbag.  We have selected a range of readers to reflect the eyewear of the decades which refect the clothing styles we sell.

Retro reading glasses £11.99

4  Red 1940s Style Knitted Turban.  Available in red, navy and green these will keep you warm and stylish.  They are great to pull on when you haven't the time left to style your hair, or if like me you've just made a mess of it!  At this price, they are a great stocking filler for a vintage loving gal.

Knitted turbans £9.50

5   Leopard Faux Fur Vanity Case.  This half-moon vanity case has an on-trend faux leopard fur front.  A great size for shoes and toiletries when we can safely go back to those long weekends away.  Meanwhile, they offer stylish storage for your cosmetics, scarves etc.

1950s style vanity case £52.99

6  Vintage 1940s 50s Brooch.  If you want to browse our range of vintage jewellery you will need to visit our showroom in Huddersfield, or if you see a piece you particularly like in one of our social media posts, you're welcome to send us a message about it. As our latest lockdown comes to an end we are safely opening again mindful of all the latest guidelines and you can be sure the safety of each other is our highest priority.

Vintage jewellery from £5, this brooch £10

Women's Gifts 7-12

 7  Starlet 1940s Vintage-Inspired Dress.  Buying a true vintage garment as a gift can be risky.  With Revival, you don't have to worry on that score.  We accept returns after the Christmas Five!.  Not only that we offer a range of vintage style dresses which are closer to standard sizes.  They can also be swapped for a different size of the same dress which of course isn't possible with true vintage.  Here we have one of our Socialite dresses which have been cloned from an original vintage dress in our archive.

Socialite dresses from £52.99

8  Mustard Vintage Style Knitted Cardigan.  The cardigans of the 1940s and 1950s fashion tended to be fairly fitted and stop at the waist or just beneath.  This cardigan reflects the look of those decades.  Available in green or mustard, two great shades for Autumn & Winter.

Vintage style cardigans £32.99

9 & 12  Original Vintage Handbag.  Unlike clothing, most vintage accessories don't really need to fit the receiver.  What's not to love about these beautiful unique handbags.  We always have a good choice from the 1940s-1980s.  Most are leather.  Here we have a cream leather and tapestry clutch style alongside a Waldy green leather frame bag.

True vintage handbags £17.99-£52.99

10  Check Tweed Vintage Jacket.  Tweed is great for multi-textured layers and creating relaxed country looks.  We have tweed blazers and jackets for all tastes.  Not just for the guys - among the current website listings you will even find a couple of Harris tweed hacking jackets.  Look for decorative tabs and other unusual features similar to the one pictured here which has suede highlights.

Women's vintage tweed jackets from £25.99

11  1960s Honey Ribbon Hat.  Just like the vintage handbags, we try our best to bring you a good choice of true vintage hats.   Whether your family member or friend wears 1940's, 50's or 60's clothing their face will light up opening such a personal gift to add to their vintage wardrobe.  Pictured here is a golden yellow sixties hat to coordinate with Autumn Winter hues.

Revival vintage hats from £25.99-£49.99

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