Revival Vintage Celebrity Style File

The Revival Vintage Celebrity Style File is back and we have some more celebs that love to rock the vintage! A little help from our wardrobe and you’ll be rocking these looks like these vintage queens in no time!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is the face of Chanel No5 and a classic vintage fashionista. The actress is a lover of a pristine and classy look, with some ornate jewellery and classic vintage accessories thrown in to add some chic.

We can’t get enough of this Chanel style jacket. With just the right amount of colour clashing and a gorgeous fit, this jacket is an absolute must if you’re looking for the more pristine and classic style of vintage clothing. Pair it with a bit of cream lace and it gives a beautiful and effortless look to any occasion. We’ve added our white faux fur stole if you’re wanting to turn a few more heads walking down the street, but remember, this is optional – you’ll already be looking chic! Add a black patent bag and you’re ready to go.

Nicole Kidman Style

 Kate Bosworth

Famed for her mix of high and low fashion, Kate Bosworth offers a bit more of a girly addition to our vintage celebs. She’s often seen sporting lace and she almost never leaves the house without a pair of vintage sunnies.

This pastel pink vintage dress has just the right amount of ruches if you’re a newbie to the frill world and the pinch in the waist won’t make you look frumpy either! Of course, we have to add some classic sunnies in true Bosworth dedication! Check out these catseyes with the cutest rose details, not to mention perfect for spring – aren’t they gorgeous? We’ve matched these sateen gloves if you’re feeling bold but if not, our cream patent bag will add a subtler accessory!


Kate Bosworth Style

 Nicole Richie

The neo-hippy style of Nicole Richie is one we can’t get enough of! It is a rare sight to see her not clutching a vintage purse or in something other than her signature maxi dresses! With a love for second-hand accessories and a big fan of 70s patterns, her style is something we couldn’t let slip from our Celebrity Style File!

Of course, we included a maxi dress for that signature Richie piece! This maxi dress is the most gorgeous colour with the added details of keyhole shoulders if you’d feel too ‘plain Jane’ in a block colour. As for them 70s vibes, our pick is this paisley print dress. With a matching belt to flatter that figure, the collared style of dress is coming back into trends so you’ll certainly look both vintage and current – who doesn’t love that combo? Style with chic 70s sunglasses and a vintage bag for a true channelling of Nicole Richie!


Nicole Riche Style

Mischa Barton

You can’t think of vintage styled celebrities without thinking of Mischa Barton! A firm lover of all things vintage, she’s a big fan of the retro 70s vibe and a bit more partial to bold colours than our other celebs! Pssst, she has her own fabulous handbag range of 70s inspired retro designs too!

This skirt may be a bit on the feared side for many of us. Pleats, patterns and bright colours – it’s a lot, right? We can’t deny it though, it’s a classic vintage piece that Barton would be seen sporting. Don’t fret, I promise you could rock it too! The coral pink contrast of our silk blouse with bold reds is a trend that is hitting the fashion industry hard, so we’ve thrown this in too! Matching red accessories and you’re good to go!


Mischa Barton Style


Happy styling!


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