RAFTA Winners 2021 - Craig & Sarah Jenkins

RAFTA Winners 2021

To celebrate our 18th birthday we started the Revival Award For Terrific Attire (RAFTA) where we reward our customers for showcasing our products on Instagram with a winners certificate & a £10 gift voucher to spend in our shop. In January 2022 we then held the RAFTA grand finale where the overall winners would receive a massive £100 Revival gift voucher as well as our prestigious RAFTA medals. We had some brilliant entries from some truly fashionable individuals but in the end we chose Craig & Sarah Jenkins as our first ever RAFTA champions. These two have consistently impressed us with their brilliant vintage style outfits from many different eras as seen in Craig's captivating photographs. Before we have a chat with our winners, we wanted to give a quick shoutout to all the other entrants. It really brightens up our day when we see real people wearing our clothing. Please do tag us in your pictures as we always love to see the wide variety of vintage styles that our customers wear.

January RAFTA Winners

Denis Alcock (@thewelldressedphilosopher) & Rheanne Kelly (@a.very.vintage.darling)

Denis was the first winner we chose & it was an easy choice because we always looked forward to seeing what he would be wearing in front of his doorstep each day. He no longer posts outfit pictures on Instagram but his page is still there with plenty of men's fashion inspiration. We also picked Rheanne because of her bright & colourful pin up portraits.

February RAFTA Winners

Darren Pike Stride (@the_khaki_chum) & Ginger Galore (@ginger.galore)

Darren owns a lovely 1940s tearoom in Norfolk called Poppylands & he has plenty of vintage style to boot! Ginger is a curve model & a bit of a style chameleon. Her modelling roots originally started with vintage clothing but she looks fabulous in fashions from all sorts of eras.

March RAFTA Winners

Craig Jenkins (@craigpjenkins) & Sarah Jenkins (@poppetminis)

Our eventual RAFTA champions, we chose Craig & Sarah to be our March winners because their passion for vintage fashion really comes through in their photos. They can often be seen in 1940s looks but love to dress up in Victorian steampunk styles as well.

April RAFTA Winner

Jordan Stephens (@therealclassica)

Although we originally aimed to give out a RAFTA to one guy & one girl each month, sometimes we just didn't get enough women! For April we chose Jordan to be our winner. He works as a creative consultant for a bar in Wales & looks incredibly dapper in a vintage suit. Jordan is definitely is one of the most stylish bartenders we've ever seen!

May RAFTA Winner

Harlow Darling (@missharlowdarling)

Harlow is an Australian fashion blogger with a refined sense of forties style. Her elegant outfit photos showcase various vintage reproduction pieces set against some beautiful Aussie landscapes.

June RAFTA Winner

Cody Machin (@lincolnshire_rocker)

Cody is a vintage enthusiast with a really dapper sense of style. He wears some great pieces of tailoring & often tops off his outfits with one of the many vintage style hats he has bought from Revival.

July RAFTA Winner

Johna Ash (@johnaash)

Johna works as a wedding videographer & has to look the part when everyone else is dressed in formal attire. He has picked some great pieces from Revival for a vintage inspired look.

August RAFTA Winner

Lois J Elise (@loisjelise)

We adore Lois' fashion sense. She works as a vintage stylist & curve model as well as designing hats. Lois first caught our eye when she posted a picture wearing our grey Victory skirt suit on a visit to the Imperial War Museum's Churchill War Rooms. We've loved looking at her super chic Insta pics ever since.

September RAFTA Winners

Jonathan Foster (@jonathanfoster1939) & Steph Salmon (@miss_s_chica)

Jonathan is very passionate about the 1930s/40s era. He is a part-time antique collector/restorer & loves true vintage clothing. We noticed that he had tagged us in quite a few of his pictures & as he was a local lad, we invited him to do a spot of modelling for us. He has a great vintage look to him & it's brilliant to see such true enthusiasm about our products. Steph posts some lovely outfit pictures with a Rockabilly flair on her Instagram. We love seeing looks from her retro wardrobe & how she styles clothing to go with her gorgeous bright red hair.

October RAFTA Winners

Janet Powell (@jtpmylifewithbud2) & Michael Powell (@michaelpowell501)

Janet & Michael are a couple who love attending vintage nostalgia events. They also love to dress the part which is exactly what we like to see! They always look great in their vintage style outfits from Revival & we look forward to spotting them at some more vintage festivals this year.

November RAFTA Winner

Brock Hammond (@brock_a_hammond)

Brock is one of our most loyal customers. Not to toot our own horn but the pieces that he has bought from Revival have really helped him to achieve a truly authentic vintage look. If only he lived a bit closer he would be a fantastic model for us. His Instagram has some great outfit inspiration so make sure you follow him!

December RAFTA Winners

Jagoda Banaszczyk (@auxiliary_vintage) & Jaco Zeeman (@jacowestland)

Jagoda is a 1940s vintage enthusiast living in the Netherlands. As well as dressing up in some stunning forties outfits, she is a Women's Army Corps & American Red Cross reenactor! Her photos on Instagram have such an authentic quality to them, sometimes it's hard to believe they were taken more recently. Her partner Jaco also likes to join in the fun, dressing in vintage style clothing & WW2 military pieces. Their photoshoots are truly special, it's definitely worth giving them a follow!

Now on to our first ever RAFTA champions, Craig & Sarah Jenkins. We asked them a few questions to get to know them a bit better & find out more about their love of vintage fashion.

Sarah & Craig RAFTA Winners

How did you get into vintage fashion?
We both started off wearing Steampunk clothes as we both enjoy Sci-Fi and history. This was about ten years ago. It soon developed into a love of more traditional vintage wear such as Victorian/Edwardian & 1940s clothing.

Craig Vintage Outfits

Where do you get inspiration for your looks?
As for inspiration it pretty much comes from anywhere really - from period dramas on TV, books and seeing what other people are wearing at events etc. Sometimes we see a certain piece we like and then build an outfit around it.

What are some of your favourite vintage/vintage style pieces?
I love my Socialite dresses from Revival Vintage and my favourite hat is an antique straw boater.

Craig: Although I love my '40s clothes, my current favourite items are my replica Edwardian Norfolk suits and a replica 17th Century Coachman's coat.

Sarah Vintage Outfits

What might you spend your Revival gift voucher on?
We will probably be spending the voucher on some nice vintage style shirts or knitwear.

RAFTA Winners Sarah & Craig

Thank you Craig & Sarah for taking part, we hope you enjoy your prize! If you would like to be in with a chance of winning your very own RAFTA & becoming the next RAFTA champion make sure you tag @revivalvintageuk in your pictures on Instagram.

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