A Vintage Valentine's - Our Style & Gift Guide


Happy Valentine's! The day is nearly upon us so if you’re anything like me, you’re already trying to plan your outfit or write a list of potential gifts to make the day that little bit more special. These tasks can be a bit on the tricky side sometimes so let us help you as much as we can!

 We have some gorgeous fashion pieces for a bit of Vintage Valentine's inspiration or if you’re still on the hunt for that perfect gift, these might be right up the street of your special someone!

Let’s start with the outfits...

Women's Valentines Outfits


Ladies, we women do love to stress over an outfit for a day like this (I know I do!), but how gorgeous is this tea dress? This is one of my absolute favourites from our stock. There is no doubt you will look fabulous in this 40s inspired frock. Who doesn’t love a sweetheart neckline and some flutter sleeves on Valentine's Day? The panels of this dress are bias cut – both a first choice for comfort (no zips or fastenings) and a first choice for a flattering drape for your figure. Finish with faux fur jacket or some pearl jewellery and you will feel and look flawless.

If the bright red isn’t your thing, there is a black version of this tea dress with a ditsy floral print (which you’ll see a bit further below!) or a more toned down 50s style wiggle dress that you can brighten up with a red patent bag or our red suede gloves.


Men's Valentines Outfits


Fellas, we haven’t forgot about you! Whatever your plans, we have the outfit for you. This 60s velvet blazer sits perfectly between the subtle and the statement. With a subtle block check pattern, this Weidenmann blazer offers a stunning finish when twisted in the light. It can be an effortless look with navy suit trousers or it can spice up your favourite pair of jeans.

This Dunn & Co two-piece suit is a gorgeous dark grey, dark gold and teal woven tweed with a three button fastening. Matching trousers offer a button fly, turn up hems and buttons for the attachment of braces if you wish! All you need is a shirt - don’t fret, we can help with that too. A corduroy shirt gives a combination of texture to make the outfit pop or if you’re craving that vintage clash of colour, this Jack Wolfskin shirt will certainly make heads turn!

Now for those gifts...

Gifts 1

The pressure of buying for a woman can be a bit much, so let’s get you men out of the stress habit this year!

Now, what woman doesn’t love a good handbag? Of course, we had to include some red ones for the occasion but how right we were to do so! This gorgeous red patent handbag can spruce up even the dullest days in this February weather and it certainly won’t look out of place in the warmer months! If you’re wanting to splash out that bit more, our favourite pick is the two-tone crocodile shoulder bag and purse. In immaculate condition, it is the perfect match with a faux fur jacket and some statement boots.

Another gift idea can be a vintage scarf. This is an item that will truly never get old. Either used in a hairstyle, as a regular accessory or even knotted around a bag to add a splash of style – the scarf is the ultimate versatile item! We have a range of scarves, from simple synthetics to luxurious linens, but either way, there’s no doubt she will rock it some way or another!

Gifts 2

Sometimes, I believe men are harder to buy for than us women, but let’s not start that debate!

A good jumper is something that is hard to go wrong with! Our pick is this traditional wool jumper. In excellent condition, this cream crew neck jumper can give any outfit that vintage twist. Under a tweed blazer or over a shirt (like our vintage Lacoste shirt), it’ll make for an effortless (and comfy!) look.

A tie is a great gift for men, as they’re an item many don’t tend to buy for themselves. We stock a range of ties, all shapes and sizes to help finding that perfect one a little easier! A handmade tie can offer something that bit more special, like our navy silk skinny tie with a gorgeous orange and yellow paisley print. You can almost smell the 60s!

If he isn’t really into vintage sunglasses or he isn’t a wearer of scarves, a pair of cufflinks could offer a bit more of a personal touch. Take our 60s Vespa cufflinks – they will add the perfect finishing touch for any 60s vintage suit, or even just a jacket!

Have a gorgeous day and remember to spread that vintage love! … I mean, Valentine's love!

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