Love My Vintage Style Jarrod Dickenson

Jared Dickenson

Love My Vintage Style Jarrod Dickenson

Another Blog in our series of interviews with someone who has a unique style through choosing to  wear predominently vintage or retro clothing.

Texan-born, Nashville based musician Jarrod Dickenson is our next choice for our style profile.

Jarrods Inspiration

His love for the impossibly romantic and classy clothing of the 1930s, 40s and 50s started when he saw very early photos of his Grandfather in Texas, who he described as ‘Straight out of a Humphrey Bogart movie’.

Humphrey Bogart

Sourcing Jarrod's Style

If you are wondering where he finds all these great outfits, his wardrobe is split between vintage threads thrifted from NYC stores and his grandfather’s closet.  With the injection of modern-made clothing, giving a nod to the look and style of yesteryear without being a slave to a particular decade.

It's rare to see Jarrod without a hat, especially when performing, he sports a number of contemporary dress hats.


His hat collection really took flight a few years ago when he worked a part time job at New York's oldest hat store, JJ Hat Center, which was founded in 1911. It allowed him to build a formidable collection of fine handmade hats.  Check our own vintage inspired hat selection to start building your own.

We hope Jarrod will include www.revivalvintage on his future virtual shopping trips. 

Of course his striking ginger beard and moustache compliment his chosen look perfectly.

 Jarrod's Moustache

Jarrod's music is a genuine slice of Americana, listen to his latest album on you tube here

He supports the legendary Don McLean on his UK tour next month.  Revival wish him every success with that tour.

You can check out Jarrod's website here, l particularly love his home page banner photograph.

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