How To Style Catseye Glasses

During the 1950s, glasses were one of the most popular fashion accessories - even if you didn't need to wear them! These catseye frames were hugely popular among women in the 50s, not least due to the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn being pictured wearing them. However it's not just the celebrities of the past who decided to rock this style. Today's celebrities still favour vintage style glasses, with stars such as Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese repping the retro look.

Catseye glasses flare out at the top corners, defining the wearer’s cheekbones. The sharp angles of the frames have a lifting effect on the face making them a universally flattering style. Donning a pair of catseye glasses with your fifties inspired outfit will instantly add a touch of vintage flair to your look. Our glossy black fifties style catseye glasses with plain clear lenses are a fantastic choice whether you’re going for a sweet teenage look or rebellious pin up style. One of our placement students, Caroline shares some tips on how to wear these iconic frames:

Black Catseye GlassesThese glasses are amazing for anyone wanting to capture that classic vintage look. As a child of the 1970s, I can remember older members of the family wearing glasses like these. To be honest I loved them even then, I thought my Aunt Ivy looked so glamorous in these frames and cried when I didn’t need glasses! The shape of these glasses is very flattering and ideal for showing off your eyes as well as your vintage style eye makeup. These glasses are well made, with clear plastic lenses and black plastic frames. They feel strong and robust. They are very comfortable to wear and the lenses are easy to see through, unlike some other fashion glasses that can distort images and are not so nice to wear for long periods of time. They have that classic catseye shape that is synonymous with mid-century vintage fashion. They would complete any vintage style costume and will almost certainly become part of my 1950s witch costume for Halloween although these glasses would easily go with any mid-century retro look. I have a pair of these in my costume bag, as they are great for changing any look instantly.

Vintage Outfit Ideas With Glasses

Outfit Ideas

The great thing about these glasses is that they are an incredibly versatile accessory. The neutral frames go with almost any outfit and will suit all hair and eye colours. There were two main silhouettes in 1950s womens clothing and both of these iconic looks focus on the shape of your skirt. Some preferred to wear full skirts to highlight their small waists and some preferred the slim fitting pencil skirt to emphasise their voluptuous curves. The beauty of 50s fashion is that there is a look that will suit any body shape.

The first blue and white themed outfit features a sweet original 50s cardigan with a vintage floral skirt. This would be a lovely choice for a 1950s day look. Pair the outfit with a cute neck scarf, blue handbag and matching court shoes. Finish it off with your hair in a high ponytail and pop on your black catseye frames to draw attention to your face. The second look has a professional vibe and feels more modern but with a retro twist. Wear your black catseye glasses with a bold blouse and pencil skirt for a vintage style work outfit. Add some black patent accessories to complement your retro glasses and finish it off with some ladylike gloves.

Makeup For Vintage Glasses Advert

Makeup Tips

When it comes to wearing makeup with glasses, it is important to try the glasses on first. There is little point in wasting time and effort perfecting your makeup if it won’t be seen, a bit like wearing a gorgeous lipstick with a face mask on top. You may find that wearing glasses causes shadows to be cast on your face, under the eyes. You may want to lighten these areas with a brightening concealer or setting powder. Use the lower part of the frames as guide when applying your blusher and define your cheekbones using a shimmery highlighter. Try to keep all eye makeup within the lens area - this shouldn’t be an issue with these great catseye shaped glasses. There’s plenty of space for an eyeliner flick! Dramatic lashes will look amazing with these glasses so make sure you apply a good volumising mascara. Finish it off with a ravishing red lipstick for the ultimate 50s retro makeup look.

We hope that this post has inspired you to try wearing a pair of catseye glasses with your retro outfit. Let us know what you'd wear them with!

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