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Back in September, we featured Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as one of our vintage fashion icons on the Revival Facebook page. Now we’re back to look at her distinctive style again and share our ideas for recreating her looks with Revival clothing. As with the Errol Flynn post, we’ll be breaking down 3 original outfits worn by Jackie O and discussing how you could emulate these 1960s vintage clothing styles in your own wardrobe. Known for her chic yet simple style, Jackie was the subject of much media attention throughout her storied life and was regarded as an international fashion icon. During her time in the White House, she popularised some of the most recognisable trends of the 1960s including pillbox hats, boxy skirt suits, tailored coats, shift dresses and strapless gowns. Jackie's poised looks redefined what contemporary American style looked like during the 1960s. She had impeccable form in pre-empting how women wanted to dress. Her curated outfit choices were always considered, polished and more than anything, aspirational.

Jackie O Outfit No. 1

For the first look, we were inspired by this photo of Jackie Kennedy exiting a plane from 1962. Labeled “Queen of the skirt suit”, you can find many examples of Jackie O wearing these classy two piece suits during her time as First Lady and they have become synonymous with womenswear from this period. This outfit would be great for adding some vintage flair to your work wardrobe or for formal occasions. We’ve picked out this lovely 1960s green tweed suit as the pattern of the tweed matches the geometric feel of the houndstooth suiting in the original outfit.

Long gloves are an essential accessory with ¾ sleeves, as worn by Jackie in this photo. The longer length prevents drafts and having the sleeve hem sit above the wrist is very flattering. Our suit has full length sleeves but the addition of gloves still adds an extra layer of vintage sophistication to an outfit.

Jackie’s outfit is also paired with a black Kelly bag, which is similar in style to this vintage inspired frame bag. Finally, Jackie O’s outfit is finished off with some black kitten heels and we’ve added a pearl necklace to make the most of the open collar on our tweed suit. We don’t currently stock either of these at revival but they can both be picked up quite easily online and are great versatile pieces.

Jackie O Outfit No. 2

The second outfit we looked at was this ensemble featuring a colour-blocked black and white dress. We love the high contrast created by wearing a fully monochrome outfit and are lucky enough to have this 1960s cocktail dress with striking similarities to the one worn by Jackie O. Our dress features metallic silver details which would create a stunning evening look. We’ve paired it with cream gloves and a retro frame bag, this time in cream to match the lighter elements of the outfit. For jewellery we suggest a simple, black beaded necklace and again have finished the outfit with black kitten heels, as worn by Jackie in the photo.

Jackie O Outfit No. 3

Even though the weather is getting colder outside, we couldn't resist the bright summery outfit worn in this photo. The bold yellow creates a happy, sunshine vibe and straw accessories are the perfect match for adding texture into an outfit. We’ve picked this vintage 80s dress in a yellow and white stripe as it is similar in colour to the gingham two piece worn in the photo. While our dress is much later in age, it definitely has a 50s-60s feel which can be emphasised with styling. 80s dresses like this are perfect for vintage lovers on a budget as they often have style features from previous decades such as the grown on dolman sleeve on this dress. For accessories, we’ve added this round woven handbag and catseye tortoiseshell sunglasses for a real summer look. Finish your outfit with some white jewellery to tie everything together.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest Get The Look style guide. We’d love to know which outfit was your favourite!

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