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Every week on the Revival Facebook page, we pay tribute to some of our favourite vintage fashion icons from bygone eras. Looking at what celebrities actually wore in the days of Old Hollywood can be fantastic style inspiration and many of the looks are achievable today using vintage and reproduction clothing. We’re going to demonstrate how to dress exactly like these celebrities using pieces from Revival. For our first Get The Look post, we’re going to show you how to emulate three different outfits worn by the swashbuckling Hollywood actor Errol Flynn.

Flynn was regularly cast as a dashing adventurer, famous for his fast-paced and well-choreographed sword fights in the 30s and 40s. He may have garnered notoriety for his reckless behaviour but that doesn’t detract from his stylish fashion choices. Errol Flynn looked just as handsome in his flamboyant onscreen costumes as he did in a smart pinstripe suit. He understood the importance of having good taste on the outside, even if on the inside he was as wild as they come! We don’t currently sell shoes here at Revival but Errol Flynn’s favourites were two-tone spectator brogues and penny loafers worn without socks. Pick either of those to finish off your outfit and you’re sure to be on to a winner.

Errol Flynn Outfit No. 1

In this first look Errol Flynn is seen looking incredibly fresh and handsome in a casual dapper outfit complete with a fancy cravat. This is the kind of outfit that the Hollywood actor often wore in his leisure time and perfectly showcases his personal sense of style whilst in keeping with the trends of the era. The one key item that is seen in all three looks is a crisp white spearpoint collar shirt. We have several variations of this in our menswear collection including one with double cuffs, one with single barrel cuffs and one from our premium Socialite collection made from cotton with a higher thread count for a more luxurious feel. Any of these would be a fantastic choice to get the Errol Flynn look.

The actor wore his spearpoint unbuttoned with a black and white polka dot cravat tied underneath. Flynn was very fond of cravats, favouring those with bold patterns and designs. We carry a range of silk men's cravats in poppy patterns, both reproduction and true vintage Tootal cravats, which look very similar to the one he wore in the picture and feel soft against the skin.

He paired this with some high waisted pleated trousers complete with turn-up hems. Our vintage replica grey fishtail back trousers give this exact high-waisted silhouette and are comfortable enough for everyday wear. We offer a selection of colours to complement your own Errol Flynn look.

The jacket is a pivotal part of this outfit. Flynn liked to wear single button jackets instead of the double-breasted ones that many Hollywood stars wore at the time. This is because they emphasised his slim physique. He was so secure in his person and such a manly man that he didn't use clothes to mask his body - the figure flattering style was quite different at the time but he definitely looked good in it. We've chosen a light grey & brown check wool tweed blazer that matches his one exactly from our ever-changing current selection of true vintage blazer jackets.

He almost always wore a pocket square in his jackets. Any of our embroidered hankies would be a handy addition for any gentleman.

Finally, finish off the look with a pair of Flynn's favourite two-tone spectator loafers.

Errol Flynn Outfit No. 2

The second Errol Flynn outfit we've picked is a great casual look as he once again wears an unbuttoned spearpoint collar shirt but this time without a cravat. This style is probably the easiest one to emulate as you only need four different items to complete the look. However not many men can wear an open shirt without some form of neckwear whilst still looking classy. The key to pulling it off is confidence as it's more about the way he carries himself rather than the individual pieces. To get the look we recommend our classic white spearpoint collar shirt with a pair of our own label cream fishtail back chino trousers.

Keep the shirt unbuttoned, flaring out the collar to the sides and top it off with a smart, light coloured blazer. We've chosen a vintage cream flecked tweed jacket.

To complete this casual look that oozes sprezzatura, pop on a pair of brown penny loafers without socks. Keep accessories to a minimum. We think Errol Flynn might've possibly added a watch or cufflinks, if you are so inclined, but this relaxed look doesn't have to require anything else.

Errol Flynn Outfit No. 3

In this final look, Flynn is seen wearing an extremely smart looking pinstripe suit. This dapper outfit is a stunning example of 1940s fashion and a classic look for all gentlemen. Here the suit takes centre stage so make sure you choose a good one. For a truly authentic forties look with all the benefits of modern comfort and sizing, our hand tailored double-breasted replica 1940s suit fits the bill exactly. It is a fabulous reproduction of an original Monty Burton suit in a high-quality 100% wool cloth. The double-breasted six button showing jacket has all the authentic features of the original forties suit including wide peak lapels, no back vents, four button working cuffs and a left chest welt handkerchief pocket. The high waisted notch back suit trousers have double pleats at the front, an internal waistband shirt gripper and hook & button fastening with french bearer for a closer fit.

Errol Flynn wore his suit with a white pocket square, a classic white spearpoint shirt and a diagonally striped silk swing tie. The necktie we've picked is a vintage tie from the 1970s, but it has the look of the 40s with a wide blade to provide a large canvas for the eye-catching blue stripe design. To finish off this sharp look, go for some smart two-tone spectator brogues.

We hope you enjoyed our first Get The Look style guide. Let us know which vintage fashion icon you'd like to see us cover next!

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I’m a novelist. I went to your site looking for Errol Flynn outfits he might wear as he confronts a hit man from Detroit’s Purple Gang. The Purple Gang, active in the 1930s, modeled their attire after Flynn, whom they admired.

Tom Bender July 01, 2023

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