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Hello vintage lovers!

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Our favourites this week are:

1) St Michael Dirndl Skirt


Oh my goodness! I am absolutely in love with this skirt! It is new in this week, and here at Revival we cannot get enough of it. Looking for that perfect Christmas party outfit that you’re wanting to dress to impress for? Well look no further, this particular skirt could be styled up, wore with some cute black heels and a fancy black shirt, it would look absolutely stunning! It’s a size 10, and at just £17.99, would you really want to miss out on this bargain?


To buy, visit


2) Cream Stripe Shetland Jumper 

Shetland Jumper

What is there not to love about this quirky Cream Stripe Shetland Jumper ? The pattern on it just screams vintage, so it is perfect for any eccentric, vintage enthusiast. The weather is getting colder, so we all need to get out our winter clothes and fill our wardrobes with stunning jumpers that will cheer us up on those cold, gloomy days. With a chest size of 44 inches, it can be used as a baggy, oversized jumper, or a fitted cosy jumper depending on your size. Either way, it is a comfortable fit and will suit anyone this season.


To buy, visit


3) St Michael Autumn Flowers Shirt

Floral Shirt

We simply could not have included this beautiful blouse in this week's blog post. It is so stunning, and can be styled with a leather jacket, black jeans and some black boots to go for that indie rocker look, with a hint of vintage of course. Its floral patterns are not too feminine so this product will look good on all genders and can be styled accordingly. 


To purchase, visit 


4) Astraka Faux Fur Jacket

 Fur Jacket


Faux fur is something that will never go out of fashion, no matter what the season is. This year in particular, faux fur is in high demand! We have a lot of different ones to offer, but this week this Astraka jacket is the one we're loving. It has a rever collar that can be buttoned high. Complete this look with absolutely anything, this particular coat is versatile and will look great with anything. If sophisticated and elegant is the look you are aiming for then this coat is a must-have! And at just £37.99, we think it is an absolute bargain!

To purchase, go to


5) 1980s Tapestry Suitcase

Tapestry Suitcase

Our unique Tapestry suitcase is perfect for any 1980s lovers, or anyone who loves bold, interesting patterns! Going for a Christmas getaway? Planning your summer holiday in advance? Need something to carry all of your items, but something that isn't too hard to carry around? This soft suitcase with a front zipped compartment will be great for you. At the price of £22.99, it is a great buy if you want something that is long lasting and won't wear away after being lugged around different places, airports, and hotels.

For more information, and to purchase, visit


By Charlotte Bowles

Marketing and PR Assistant


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