Friday Favourites

It's a cold winters day today, and what is a better way to spend it than sitting in the comfort of your room, or work office, with a nice cup of hot chocolate looking at the latest trends and news stories. Here are our favourite items of this week, and we hope they are yours too! If you want to purchase any, the links can be found below!

Treat yourself! 


1) 1940s Inspired Raspberry Dress

Raspberry Dress

This is one of our beautiful dresses that come in sizes 18-22! It flatters the figure with a set in shaped waistband and pleats in the underbust seam. Although maybe not the most suitable dress for the cold and breezy weather we are having at the minute, it will be perfect for the warmer seasons or summer/spring holidays that you are currently planning.


2) Brown Mix Welsh Tweet Coat

Welsh Tweet Coat

This Brown Mix 1960s Welsh Tweet Vintage Coat is a must have item this season. Tweed is one of out favourite fabrics here at Revival and we cannot get enough of this coat. Can't imagine what it looks like on? Don't think the unique tapestry pattern will suit your look? Well here is an image of one of our stunning models in the coat to give you an idea of what it would look like on! 

Girl in Welsh Tweet Coat


Absolutely beautiful!


3) 1940s Look Brown All Wool Fedora

Brown Fedora

 For those vintage loving men, we have many different unique hats on offer. This weeks favourite is the 1940s Look Brown All wool Fedora. It would be perfect for vintage celebration events, festivals, or just for the sake of looking smart and sophisticated.


4) 1950s Look Red Rattan Bag

Red Rattan Bag

At Revival, we love this bag that much we ordered so many to sell! It definitely has a unique style but that's what we love about it. It's perfect for those vintage enthuisiasts that want to get that authentic 1950s look. It can be used in any season, and would be perfect for vintage events and festivals, or even for a summer picnic! 


5) Flying Mallards Jumper

Mallards Jumper

This jumper is just adorable. It's under the mens vintage knitwear section, but we think it would look great on any gender! Girls, you can style it with some black denim jeans and some boots. Men, you can wear it with some denim jeans or some smart-looking trousers. Either way, it is definitely a must have item for this particular season. You will be able to stay warm, and look cute and fashionable as well. 


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