Friday Favourites

Thank God it's Friday!

And, as it is Friday, that means we have our weekly Friday Favourites Blog Post!

This week we have some absolutely stunning items, and we want to share them with you! We are still wanting our lovely customers to send us some images of themselves in our items, so don't be shy! Anyway, here are our 5 top items of this week

1) 1940s Leather Briefcase

40s Leather Briefcase

I have a soft spot for briefcases, I think they are the nicest looking types of bags available to day. They just scream vintage! We have a stunning 1940s leather one available for £34.99, which I think is a great price. It is sturdy, and leather lasts such a long time. It's a great quality, and it will look great with any outfit. When buying a bag, you need to find one that will actually last a while and do what you want it to! This one is split into three large compartments inside, with a good strong leather handle on the top! It is approximately 16 x 12 inches in size so will fit a lot of different things! This particular bag is new in this week as well! 

To purchase, please visit -


2) Belted Crinkle Stripe Skirt.

Crinkle Skirt

These kind of skirts are probably one of my most all time favourite items. Quirky patterns on long skirts? How cute! If you follow us on Facebook you will have seen a few months ago an image of me in a skirt kind of like this one that I bought from one of our Kilo Sales in Huddersfield Town Centre. Here is the picture below!

Girl in floral skirt

But, this belted crinkle stripe skirt can be worn in any season! Winter doesn't stop me wearing skirts, so it shouldn't stop you either! This skirt will also look great in Summer as well, however. It has a slight crinkle texture, with a brown belt and gold buckle. At size 12, and of a price of £17.99, I think it is a great buy.

Be quick, before it sells out! To purchase visit -


3) Floral Crepe 70s Dress

Floral Crepe 70s Dress

Our cute Floral Crepe 70s Dress is on sale!! Quickly get it now for £23.39

It is in a size 8, and has a two layer bodice with tie shoulders and lined in a complimentary shade. It has a tie belt and should be midi length, but if you are a bit on the short side (like myself) it might be a maxi dress. Either way, it will look flattering on any size 8 vintage lover! Style it with a leather jacket and some black heeled boots and you will have the perfect 70s look. 

To purhcase, please visit 


4) 1950s Shower Proof Tie

50s shower proof tie

Vintage isn't vintage without quirky unique patterns! And this 1950s shower proof tie is definitely vintage! It feels as though it has a waterproof fabric, hence the name! Originally from Watson & Widd Bradford, we are selling it for a great price of £17.99.

Do you have a formal event you need to wear a suit and tie with but want to impress and show off your personality? This tie would be perfect for you. 

Have a husband who is in desperate need of a new tie but they don't want to go searching through the shops with you? Then have a look at our tie range, we have a lot to offer! Some plain, some quirky, they are all great quality and value. 

To purchase this tie in particular, please visit -


5) Vintage Blue Velvet Jacket 

Vintage Blue Velvet Jacket

Velvet is one of my favourite fabrics, I own so many different things that have velvet parts on them! At Revival, we have a few velvet things to offer, like this blue jacket in particular. It is a great buy, for both genders. For women, you can style it with some jeans, a nice lace top, and some heels. For men, you can wear this in a casual setting or dress it up and wear it to a formal gathering (maybe be eccentric and style it with our quirky tie, pictured above). Either way, this blue jacket will look great if styled well! It is a size 10, and at the price of £23.99, you do not want to miss this bargain!

To purchase, please visit


That's all for this week, but stay tuned, keep watching our social media pages, and you will find out about all of our vintage items and events! 


By Charlotte Bowles

PR and Marketing Manager. 


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